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Lifetime Video Access

With VIP you will get access to the challenge video recordings for the lifetime of the product, which means you can go back and review any session as many times as you like. (for life!)

Bonus #1: Risk Management

There is no reason for anyone to ever go broke trading crypto and the simple plan in this bonus session will put you on the right path to reduce and manage your risk while preserving your wealth.

Bonus #2: Additional Opportunities

Crypto and blockchain offer many more opportunities than just "crypto currency trading". In this bonus session you will learn about emerging opportunities in the crypto space, such as Crypto options, futures, NFTs, DAO's and more. 

List of Top Cryptos to Trade

With thousands of available cryptos, it can be overwhelming deciding which ones to trade. As an extra bonus you will get a list of Jeremy's current TOP CRYPTOS TO TRADE, which will give you a jumping ground to start choosing which ones best fit your personality and objectives. 

Here's everything you get with the

7-Day Crypto Challenge - VIP

The people at the top, the ones who are truly successful, they do what most people are not willing to do – and that's why they get results that most people are unable to achieve. 

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It's true, VIP gets you access to all of the video recordings and two additional sessions that are not included in the 7-day challenge. It also offers some special tools (like Jeremy's exclusive Top Cryptos List) to help you get started fast and get started right. 

But "VIP" is more than that...

When you enroll as a VIP you are not just getting access to the training, you are making a statement to yourself and to the world, that you are here to succeed and you are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.  

VIP is a mindset. A commitment to yourself. A commitment to excellence. Something most people, candidly, just are not ready to commit to - that's why so few people ever reach that exclusive level (approximately 1%). 

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- Jeremy Whaley


I thought the challenge was free, why do I need to pay $77?

The 7-Day Crypto Challenge is free.  It is also time specific (the 7 days) and does not include recordings of the 7 challenge days. When you become a VIP you get lifetime access to the recordings, plus two additional bonus lessons to go with the challenge as well as Jeremy's list of Top Cryptos to trade!

What benefit is there to paying for VIP over the free challenge?

Of course there are benefits! While anyone can take the 7-Day Challenge for free, those who choose to step up to the VIP are joining an elite group of people who play life at a higher level.  VIP is NOT FOR EVERYONE... In fact most people do not join VIP. Maybe only 1-2% of you will choose to be VIP.  It is a choice, not a requirement. However what we have found is the people who are constantly taking that extra step, reaching for more, desiring the best - those are the people who typically go out and put into action the training presented here. This naturally leads to results with in their trading business. VIP is an opportunity for you to take that kind of step forward while saying to yourself and to the world "I am committed to succeed!"

Will I be ready to start trading crypto at the end of this?

Absolutely.  By the end of the 7-Day challenge you will have the information and knowledge you need to start trading crypto. If you choose to step up to the VIP level you will have all of that information plus additional information that will assist you on that journey. This is not intended to suggest you will be a complete expert on the subject of crypto or the financial markets, but you will have enough information to make educated decisions about how and what to buy. To be clear: there is never any pressure to buy any specific crypto and no one from Trade Maestro is encouraging any specific investment. Your trading and investing decisions are up to you.  However, the information in this 7-Day Challenge will prepare you to make those decisions, so that when you are ready, you can begin trading crypto. 

Will this training tell me exactly which cryptos to buy?

No. Trade Maestro and our instructors are not financial advisors and do not claim to make specific investment advice. Trade Maestro is a publisher of financial education.  Our outcome is to teach you how to look at and analyze the markets so you can make educated decisions before you buy or sell crypto or any other financial vehicle. 

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VIP members get 24/7 access to the entire 7-Day Crypto recordings for the lifetime of the product. 

Bonus Challenge Lesson #1 - Risk Management

As a VIP member you will get access to two additional lessons to help complete your challenge. The first is RISK MANAGEMENT, so you can invest/trade with confidence and know you never have to go broke. 

Bonus Challenge Lesson #2 - Emerging Crypto Opportunites

The second bonus lesson you will get is EMERGING CRYPTO OPPORTUNITIES. Some of these new opportunities are paying out huge exponential rewards for investors and they represent (in many cases) the future of the financial system. 

Jeremy'S Top crypto picks

As a boost to get your crypto trading off on the right path, VIP members get access to Jeremy's exclusive, hand picked top cryptos to trade right now. Each of these cryptos have been vetted and analyzed and Jeremy offers insights on what to expect and how to trade them.