Beat The Market Pros Challenge!

Homework Day 1

Day 1 Homework:

In today's session you learned: 

1) Fund managers are notoriously NOT what they say they are. The studies are clear, over a 20 years period of time 94% fail to match or beat the benchmark expectations. (CLICK HERE FOR THE SPIVA STUDY)

2) It's possible to BEAT the fund managers by simply buying Index Based ETFs

3) It's possible to BEAT the benchmark itself by using a simple system to identify when to get in, and when to get out of the trade. 

Using the chart below, based on the crossing of the lines, identify when you think you should BUY and when you think you should SELL the ETF.  Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper and then watch the video at the end for the answers.  YOU CAN DO THIS!

Watch this video first to see how to setup this chart

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