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How to Manage Your Own Stock Trades, AVOID BEAR MARKETS, and BEAT the So Called "Professionals"

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YES, You Really Can Beat The Market On Your Own AT HOME!

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  • Standing by feeling helpless
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The economy of 2022 is much worse than the media is telling you. AND, you don't have to go down with the ship.  THE TRUTH IS  the so called professional fund managers are not trained how to navigate bear markets, and it turns out they don't actually do a very good job in bull markets either. However there are plenty of people that know exactly how to thrive during both good and bad economic times. This 3-day challenge will show you exactly what they know and how you can use it to trade your own money. Join this challenge today - IT'S FREE!

About the Instructor

"Anyone can learn to trade the market better than the so called professionals - I've spent the last 12 years proving it. It's not a question of IF, it's a matter of deciding you want to do it"

- Jeremy Whaley


I'm Jeremy Whaley,

From the time I first learned about the stock market people have told me "individuals can't do that, you should trust the 'professionals'".  Yet, I never believed that. To the contrary I always thought the professionals took too much risk, didn't manage the bear markets well, and never seemed to care about my money as much as I do. 

Despite what some people have said, I have not only proven it is possible to both time the market and beat the market, but I've also proven anyone can learn to do it on their own with the right training. 

Imagine if you bought this index trade every time you see a green circle:

And imagine if you knew how to exit the trade and take your profits every time you see a red circle:

If you imagined you would have made a lot of money you would be right.

On this one trade since March 2020 you would have:

  • A Gain of $195/share (approximately)
  • Profit percentage of +94%
  • Avoided the big bear market of 2022
  • Outperformed 94% of professional fund managers

I CAN and WILL teach you to do exactly the same this. 

Not only is timing the market possible, I have guided my students to do these very trades over the past two years, and now I want to help you as well. 

So how can we know exactly what to do? 

Well first of all it's not that hard. The "pros" make it much harder than it has to be (I think because they want you to think they are smarter than you - but they are not). 

Secondly we simply follow a basic trading system that tells us when to get in, when to get out, and when to avoid trading at all

NOTE: If you can follow some simple instructions you too can trade this system. 


I placed my first stock trade in 1999 when I was a senior in college, and I've been involved in the markets in some capacity ever since.  When I was first introduced to the stock market I had the good fortune of being introduced to Technical Analysis, the only form of analysis that actually considers what is really happening in the market as opposed to the theory of what people THINK should be happening. 

I have used that experience to build a multi-decade trading career that has included trading through the bear market of 2008, correctly anticipating the bottom of the market in March 2009, trading through the last decade and the COVID CRASH of 2020, again correctly anticipating the bottom of the 2020 market and correctly anticipating the bull market of late 2020-2021 (posting a real money account growth during this time of over 180% profit), and most recently correctly anticipating the current bear market. 

Said slightly differently...  unlike most people telling you how to trade the market, "I eat my own cookin".

I've been teaching people like you for more than a decade.

During the summer of 2008 when the world's financial markets were collapsing, I saw a need to help people navigate the chaos. It started with some friends and family and before I knew it I had become a teacher, coach, and mentor to people wanting to trade the market. 

Since that time I have had the privilege of helping more than 100,000 traders from over 60 different countries learn about the market.  We have navigated good times and bad together. Here's a comment I received from one of my students last week:

It is surreal to watch people I know struggling right now and I'm humbled to sit here with total peace of mind because of what you taught us. I haven't lost anything during these months. I try to tell them but they don't want to come over here and let you teach them.  Thank you for all you do."

Luther Kinchen

And to give you an idea that it's not just about survival, here's another one: 

What you taught me has allowed me to retire and create an income for myself that I didn't think I could do. Everyone needs to hear what you have to say.  I don't know how you do it, you just have this knack for seeing it and understanding it and then you tell me in a way that I'm like 'yea of course that's it'.  Love you man."

Bob Logan

We make money in both Bull markets and Bear Markets

Most financial planners and advisors have only been taught one way to trade the market and only one technique for making money, but I approach it differently. 

The way I approach the market allows me to make money when the market goes up, and when it goes down, and sometimes we can even make money when the market does nothing at all. 

No, it's not rocket science and no, you don't need a degree in finance to do what I teach. 

In fact, I suck at math and my degree is in music!  So YES! If I can do it, so can you! 

Please join me for this challenge. IT'S FREE. It's educational. And I think it might just save your retirement from the abyss!