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Here's What You Get...

By joining the Apprentice Program, you take a significant step towards realizing your dream of becoming a skilled trader.  It's not just theory... this is real world application.

Private Coaching Sessions

At the heart of the Apprentice program are personalized 1-on-1 private coaching sessions. As an Apprentice, you'll enjoy twice-monthly private coaching sessions. These 1-hour sessions are all about focusing on what matters most to you. While we'll make sure you're on track to become an expert trader, feel free to dive into any area you need help with. Combined with on-demand courses and live trainings, Private Coaching is the missing piece to elevate your trading to new heights. Let's make your trading dreams a reality! πŸš€

Maestro Inner Circle Membership  (Regularly $197/month)

As an apprentice, you'll enjoy all Trade Maestro member benefits just like an Inner Circle Member! 🌟 This includes full access to the Trade Maestro Library with on-demand training, valuable Accelerator Courses (each worth $997), weekly Profit Picks LIVE sessions, and twice-monthly Group Coaching. πŸš€ The awesome perks are included when you join the Trade Maestro Apprentice program

Personal Strategy/Planning Session ($500 value)

When you start your coaching journey, besides your regular sessions, you'll also get a personalized 1-on-1 strategy/planning session to map out your future plans. This approximately 45-minute session dives into your goals, weaknesses, and paves the way for our collaborative success. We'll discuss your personal and professional development objectives, assess any potential roadblocks, and create a plan of action to achieve your desired results.

Never-Alone, Anytime Support (priceless)

Sometimes the journey can seem lonely, but as a Trade Maestro Apprentice you are never alone. You will have anytime support via SMS Text and Email. That means anytime you need help, even if it's not time for a 1-on-1 session, you can reach out to ask a question and get clarity. #YouGotThis!

Focus on the Markets That Matter Most To You

The Apprentice program is designed to take your trading to a new level regardless of your personal interest. If you want to focus on Stocks, Options, Crypto, or even Forex, we got you covered.  As an apprentice we will customize your approach to a trading style that fits your lifestyle, whether that be day-trading, swing trading from the golf course, or simply managing your longer term retirement portfolio with ETFs, we got you covered. Let's make your financial dreams a reality! 🌟

6-Months of personalized development

The apprenticeship program from Trade Maestro is designed for individuals who are serious about developing their skills and developing into successful traders. It is a  6-month commitment that provides participants with training, real-world experience and invaluable mentorship opportunities. 

What others have said...

Exactly what I needed...

Paula Heidel - Client

Jeremy, this has been exactly what I needed. I have tried off and on for several years to develop as a trader.  I took your accelerator class and I have been a member off for I think 3 years, but I always found a way to lose focus. When we had our first strategy session you helped me identify that accountability is what I needed more than anything. Then about 3 months in I told you I wanted to quit and you wouldn't let me. Well let me tell you that was a huge turning point for me. I have quit on myself for years but you wouldn't let me, and since then everything has changed. I have suddenly stuck to the plan and I'm actually growing my account!


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Hiring a trading coach is an investment that pays dividends far beyond the initial outlay, easily making it worth ten times what individuals pay for it. Consider the landscape of the financial markets; they are vast, volatile, and filled with intricacies that can befuddle even seasoned investors. A trading coach brings clarity to this chaos. They arm their students with strategies that have been honed through years of experience, strategies that can mean the difference between a profit and a loss on any given day.

More than just strategies, a trading coach imparts wisdom on risk management, helping traders to not just grow their wealth but to safeguard it against unforeseen downturns. What's the value of avoiding a potentially devastating loss thanks to sage advice? Beyond the tangible, the psychological support a trading coach provides cannot be underestimated. They serve as a beacon of sanity in an arena that is all too often swayed by emotional decisions rather than logical analysis. This emotional support helps traders maintain a level head, a crucial asset in the heat of trading.

In essence, the value of a trading coach cannot solely be measured in dollars and cents. Their true worth lies in the losses avoided, the gains made through disciplined strategies, and the emotional resilience they foster in traders. Hence, stating that a trading coach is worth ten times what a person pays for them might actually be an understatement.

If your goal is to not just participate in the financial markets but to truly excel within them, hiring a trading coach is not just a choiceβ€”it's a necessity. The road to trading success is fraught with challenges that can overwhelm even the most determined investor. A trading coach offers the guidance, strategies, and emotional support necessary to navigate these complexities. For anyone serious about transforming their trading from a mere activity to a successful and profitable endeavor, the decision to hire a trading coach should be made without delay. The investment in a trading coach is an investment in your future, a step towards securing not just financial gains, but a deeper understanding and mastery of the markets.