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  • The Fear of the Unknown
  • Constantly wondering "is this a good stock?"
  • Standing by feeling helpless
  • Chasing hot tips and random suggestions


The stock market can be a scary place... but it doesn't have to be. The truth is the market can be remarkably simple. But the so called "professionals" don't want to tell you that. Why? Because when you discover that you have the ability to do it all on your own, they no longer have a job!  With this FREE 3-Day challenge, you will discover the formula. You will learn the truth they never taught you in school. You will see a proven technique for picking winning trades. And you will understand the simple 3 step formula to be a trader who WINS.  Join this challenge today - IT'S FREE!


This 3-day challenge could be the most important thing you do for your stock trades in the next decade!  Many people have already discovered this "better way" and have put it straight to use. Others are still blindly following the wrong information and continuing to get bad results...  BE PREPARED. Take this 3-day challenge (it's free!)

  1. 1
    DAY 1: YES! You Can Trade for A Living! - But only with the right information and knowledge. Unfortunately, most people have been taught really inaccurate things about the stock market and that has led them to getting bad results.  In this session you will discover the truth. You will learn how to actually make money with trades, the difference between investors and traders, and the 3-step formula that makes it easy to TRADE FOR A LIVING!
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    DAY 2: How to Pick Winning Stocks - It's the number one question on the mind of every trader: "what stock should I buy...?"  What if there were a tool so simple to use that with one glance you could tell within 10 seconds if that stock is trading higher or lower? You will in fact get access to that tool in this session as well as the very simple set of questions to ask when determining whether or not the trade is worth taking or not. (trust me... it works!)
  3. 3
    DAY 3: Trading Strategies & Protecting Your Money - Picking great stocks is only 1/3 of the battle. You also must learn how to apply winning strategies to the trades, as well as how to protect yourself in the event something goes wrong and the stock does not perform the way you believe it should. This session will cover these topics, provide you insight into a strategy for both bull and bear markets, as well as a simple risk management system to consider, so that you don't leave yourself vulnerable with your life savings! 

About the Instructor

"We are about to enter a bear market similar to 2008, but maybe worse, and the most extreme part will be here by summer 2022"

(statement made by Jeremy Whaley in November 2021)


I'm Jeremy Whaley,

I made the above statement in a live class I was teaching in November of 2021.  At that time the market was trading at the highest levels in history.  The euphoria was so high people were borrowing money to buy more stocks,  crypto and other assets, in hopes of leveraging their gains by a multiple factor. 

This is what the market looked like at that time: 

Here we are 6 months later and this is what the market looks like:

Here are some facts (UPDATED OCT, 2022):

  • Dow Jones Industrial Average DOWN around 20% 
  • S&P 500 DOWN around 25%
  • NASDAQ DOWN around 35%
  • Russell 2000 DOWN around 33%

(I say "around" because the market changes every day and every minute, so depending on when you're reading this the actual figure will be slightly different)

The week after I forecasted the market top, the Russell 2000 put in it's peak, within 2 weeks the NASDAQ put in it's high and another 5 weeks later the Dow Jones Industrial put in it's peak. 


NO, it wasn't some conspiracy theory that led me to make the statement. And NO, I'm not a perpetual bear who has the privilege of being right once in a while.


I placed my first stock trade in 1999 when I was a senior in college, and I've been involved in the markets in some capacity ever since.  When I was first introduced to the stock market I had the good fortune of being introduced to Technical Analysis, the only form of analysis that actually considers what is really happening in the market as opposed to the theory of what people THINK should be happening. 

I have used that experience to build a multi-decade trading career that has included trading through the bear market of 2008, correctly anticipating the bottom of the market in March 2009, trading through the last decade and the COVID CRASH of 2020, again correctly anticipating the bottom of the 2020 market and correctly anticipating the bull market of late 2020-2021 (posting a real money account growth during this time of over 180% profit), and most recently correctly anticipating the current bear market. 

Said slightly differently...  unlike most people telling you how to trade the market, "I eat my own cookin".

I've been teaching people like you for more than a decade.

During the summer of 2008 when the world's financial markets were collapsing, I saw a need to help people navigate the chaos. It started with some friends and family and before I knew it I had become a teacher, coach, and mentor to people wanting to trade the market. 

Since that time I have had the privilege of helping more than 100,000 traders from over 60 different countries learn about the market.  We have navigated good times and bad together. Here's a comment I received from one of my students last week:

It is surreal to watch people I know struggling right now and I'm humbled to sit here with total peace of mind because of what you taught us. I haven't lost anything during these months. I try to tell them but they don't want to come over here and let you teach them.  Thank you for all you do."

Luther Kinchen

And to give you an idea that it's not just about survival, here's another one: 

What you taught me has allowed me to retire and create an income for myself that I didn't think I could do. Everyone needs to hear what you have to say.  I don't know how you do it, you just have this knack for seeing it and understanding it and then you tell me in a way that I'm like 'yea of course that's it'.  Love you man."

Bob Logan

We make money in both Bull markets and Bear Markets

Most financial planners and advisors have only been taught one way to trade the market and only one technique for making money, but I approach it differently. 

The way I approach the market allows me to make money when the market goes up, and when it goes down, and sometimes we can even make money when the market does nothing at all. 

No, it's not rocket science and no, you don't need a degree in finance to do what I teach. 

In fact, I suck at math and my degree is in music!  So YES! If I can do it, so can you! 

Please join me for this challenge. IT'S FREE. It's educational. And I think it might just save your retirement from the abyss!


We only want you to take this challenge if it is absolutely perfect for you....


  • You are SICK OF LOSING MONEY in the market
  • You Want to GET CONTROL of your investment funds
  • "Professionals" Keep letting you down


  • Want a get rich quick plan
  • Want to set it and forget it
  • Want to sit in front of your computer day trading
  • Are excited about your portfolio performance this year
  • Are not interested in making more money


This 3-day challenge is reserved for those who are fed up with the lies, sick of being told to buy more stock when the market keeps going down, tired of listening to your so called "professionals" telling you we aren't in a bear market recession when you yourself clearly know we are, sick of losing money when you know other people are making money, READY TO TAKE CONTROL, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, AND FINALLY BEAT THE MARKET.  If this describes you then you have no choice, you simply must enroll right now for this free 3-day challenge. 


How much does this cost?

It's completely free.  It costs you nothing to join. You have nothing to lose except for a little time you will invest in watching the lessons. 

I don't have much money, should I do this?

There is no time like the present to start investing. In fact, if you do not have much money how can you afford to continue NOT investing? You really must find a way to start investing and building for your future, and this 3-day training is as good as any place to get started. 

Will this work for my 401k/IRA?

YES. What we teach is core basic market trading principles.  We do not give specific trading advice, rather we teach you how to think about the market and make decisions on your own. During this training you will learn tools and techniques you can use on your own to better manage your trading decisions. The techniques will serve you if you are managing money inside a 401k/IRA or simply managing an individual trading account.  

I've never placed a stock trade, can I do this?

YES.  You have to start somewhere.  Like any thing else in life the more you do it the better you will be. This 3-day training will give you insights and ideas that you can consider while you start your journey of learning to trade your own investments.