About Jeremy Whaley.

Jeremy Whaley is an Online Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor & Coach to thousands of individuals around the world.

Jeremy's interest in business and investing began at a relatively young age when he launched his first lawn mowing business at the age of 12. From that day forward he has almost exclusively worked for himself. 

"I'm basically unemployable. I mean who would want to hire someone who's resume reads "self" for 35 years?" 

Despite learning to trade during his last two years of college, Jeremy's professional career began as a musician in Nashville TN. During his 9 year career he played live shows with several artists including Steve Gatlin and Kelly Coffee. While keyboard and piano was his instrument, Jeremy found his niche in production and synth programming. He owned a recording studio (The Sonic Cellar) for 6 years and worked on over 100 albums during his tenure as a musician. 

In 2005 Jeremy married his lovely wife Kenya. Shortly after, his interest in trading was reignited. Over the next 12 months he took courses from a handful of trading schools and consumed nearly 100 books and DVD courses on the subject. By 2008 he had honed his skills and others began to "pick his brain" regarding what he had learned. 

As the financial crisis of 2008 became more and more obvious and the financial pain began to take its toll on the country Jeremy remarked to a friend "why don't more people know how to take advantage of this? We are sitting on a gold mine of opportunity".

Soon, in February of 2009 Jeremy, co-founded a business that would teach people how to trade the financial markets. Over the next decade they would go on to serve over 100,000 individuals from more than 80 countries, teaching and showing how anyone can approach the market without the need of an over paid under performing so called "professional advisor". 

In 2019 Jeremy sold his portion of that business to his partner and turned his attention to developing systems and models for online businesses. His intention being to make the subject of launching an online business as accessible as he has helped make the stock market. In March 2020, he launched his first business training Online Business Launcher

Jeremy has said: 

"The biggest illness facing society has nothing to do with biology or medicine. Rather, it is the financial and debt slavery that has consumed more than 90% of the world. The good news is we know the cure. The bad news is very few people are discussing it."

As his response to helping people break free from financial and debt slavery, he has designed a training called Designing Your Financial Fortress in which he teaches the principles of diversified income and recurring revenue. 

Jeremy teaches that individuals should build as much income as possible so they can do as much good as possible with their wealth. He emphasizes investing and building a minimum of 3 asset classes:

  1. Real Estate Assets
  2. Paper Assets
  3. Business Assets

Jeremy has said:

"Anyone can create true financial freedom in a relatively short period of time if they will simply DECIDE to do it, and then follow the formula to actually do it. You don't need 30 years...most people can do it in 5 years, some in even less."

Jeremy has taught thousands of online webinars and presented at numerous events, including the Money Show in Orlando, The IGNITE conference (3 years), The 2017 Trader's Summit, and the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts. He is host of
Think Rich Radio, which quickly rose to a top 25 podcast for Entrepreneurs in the EU. He has created over 30 courses on personal finance, stocks and options trading, and personal development.  

He finds his greatest joy in helping others discover the extraordinary life they were created to live. His latest ventures are focused on helping people discover the magic of VISION, so they can unlock their greatest possibility by asking the question: 

What if I really could experience a more extraordinary life?

On November 1, 2020 Jeremy launched Trade Maestro as an outlet to share his knowledge and skills of trading the financial markets. His intention is that Trade Maestro would be a hub for trading knowledge and an environment for traders to help mentor other traders on their path to mastering the financial markets. 

Jeremy lives in Nashville TN with his wife Kenya, their three wonderful (but very loud) children, and their aging puppy Nina.