About Trade Maestro

Our Mission

Trade Maestro's purpose is to help individual retail traders learn to master the financial markets.

We do that by providing...

  • Affordable education subscriptions
  • Concentrated Masterclasses (accelerators)
  • On going coaching
  • Community with other traders
  • Tools and resources
  • Commitment to quality, entertainment, and profitable results

Core Values


At Trade Maestro we are decidedly American and we align with the spirit that made America what it is today. Our number one value is FREEDOM. Individual freedom from jobs, debt, financial slavery, 3rd party financial advisors, Wall Street sharks, and anything that prevents us from living our best life. 


MASTERY is beyond book knowledge. It is knowledge ascended through practice and application into an artful skillset that has become second nature to the one who is a master. It is in our name (Maestro). We hold ourselves to a standard of excellence and encourage all of our students to strive for mastery as well. 


CONTRIBUTION is the heart of what we do. When we teach, share, encourage, and inspire, we are not just giving back we are giving life to those who receive what we have shared. In turn, we ourselves are more alive. It is a cycle in which the more we contribute the more we are fulfilled and the more we are fulfilled the more we can contribute. We believe the ultimate achievement is to stay perpetually in this cycle.


Trading, business and life all have something in common: "The Unexpected". The only way to stay emotionally grounded during these times it to embrace the power of AGILITY. To respond to the unexpected orderly and calm. To be flexible. To make plans but be ready to adjust and change them at a moments notice. It's how we survive in business. It's how we thrive in the financial markets. Call it "survival of the fittest" - it's who we are.


The thing that separates Trade Maestro from all of the other financial publishers is our commitment to AUTHENTICITY. We have never claimed to perfect, only authentic. We practice what we preach. We "eat our own cookin' " so to speak. When we make mistakes we admit it and move on. If we don't know the answer we are forthcoming and say so. Our testimonies are always 100% real. Our teachers do what they say. We strive for mastery while knowing perfection is impossible, but authenticity is always non-negotiable


Most people think the financial markets are about as exciting as listening to your jr high principle read the student handbook - but that doesn't mean we have to accept it! We believe in a LIGHT-HEARTED approach where our students get trained and we all have fun while doing it. We are all about high energy, dumb jokes, and the occasional obnoxious behavior, particularly if making fun of others for being boring and crotchety. This is, after all, financial freedom we are talking about and there's nothing boring about that!  So have fun, and use lots of poop emojis!

Why the name Trade Maestro?

A Maestro is an artistic master: someone who is skilled enough to be considered an artistic genius. In Italian the word maestro means master. This is the best representation of what we believe a great trader should be - a master in the art of trading.  

Maestro is also a fun harkening back to the first career of our founder Jeremy Whaley who worked as a professional musician and composer for many years before he transitioned to the world of trading and ultimately business and entrepreneurship. (read more about Jeremy here). 

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