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"For the trader who really wants to master the markets and develop into a top tier trader - this is the ideal membership."

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  • On-going mentoring
  • A new training course every month
  • Live Group Coaching
  • Extensive Answer Vault (on-going development)
  • On-demand video library (new videos monthly)
  • All HD Recordings
  • Private Members Forum (coming soon)
  • Priority Support/Help



  • ACCELERATOR COURSE ($1,000 Value)
  • Challenge begins TOMORROW
  • All recordings included
  • Lifetime access to both bonuses w/ active membership

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The Ultimate Membership for Elite Traders

ELITE members have access to everything that is offered as a membership (accelerators and private coaching not included).

PROFIT PICKS! (every Sunday Night!)

Tune in Every Sunday Night as we look at the market, the week ahead and consider a handful of trades that we think may be great candidates for the week. PROFIT PICKS is your chance to get an edge before the week begins, confirm your own analysis, and get a few hot tips that will give you confidence you have the edge on other market participants.

  • LIVE - Every Sunday Night
  • Recording/Archive Included

Market Mentoring

For centuries skilled tradesmen and craftsmen have learned their art from a MASTER who has gone before them. That's exactly how a stock trader should develop as well. 

Our focus is on developing masterful stock traders. We have developed a curriculum that allows a student to "apprentice" through their trading journey, learning from those who have gone before.

Every paid subscription includes the market mentoring program. Each month a new series of training is released that guides you through your trading journey. You will learn expert analysis so you can pick winning trades. You will learn specialized skills such as reading candlesticks and chart patterns. You will discover diverse strategies including short term & long term strategies, bullish and bearish, as well as basic and advanced option strategies. All of it is included over the next several months as you continue to progress on your journey. 

Live Group Coaching

Nothing replaces the effectiveness of learning with other people. Most of your training is delivered on-demand to account for busy schedules and accessibility for you, the student. But sometimes live and in person is the only way to truly get the results you want and need. 

Twice a month we host a LIVE GROUP COACHING session where you can attend a live webinar, ask any questions you want to ask, get a direct answer from the maestro. Not only will you benefit from getting your own questions answered but you will also learn from others as they ask questions and interact. This group participation has been proven to increase retention and understanding and is a valuable part of your growth process. 


NOTE: This is a one time offer offer and is strictly limited to the first 100 people who enroll THIS MONTH. 

MEMBERS have the unique distinction of being part of the Trade Maestro community. As a special bonus, these members will receive TWO ADDITIONAL TRAININGS worth $1500

BONUS #1: Pick Winning Stocks CHALLENGE - VALUE: $500

By Far the MOST COMMON question we get asked is "how do I find winning stocks". So we have created a 21 day challenge to help you get focused on the things that matter in identifying WINNING STOCKS!

This is the same process used in our private coaching sessions for years, turned into a simple 21-day process.

You Will Learn:

  • How to quickly identify the trend
  • Identify if a stock is ready to explode (in a good way)
  • Apply an appropriate strategy
  • Manage your risk within the trade


FOR FOUNDING MEMBERS ONLY: you will receive the CREDIT SPREADS ACCELERATOR COURSE as an included bonus. This course is an intensive mastermind style training on a specific advanced trading strategy. 


Can I Enroll at any time?

Yes. Trade Maestro has chosen to be a membership driven business model so that students can learn in the most affordable way possible. The membership will be here when you are ready to join. However, there are a limited number of new membership slots available. When these new memberships fill up they will no longer be available. If you want to be a new member and receive the included bonuses then you need to sign up immediately. 

What If i'm new to trading?

Perfect! Sometimes the brand new trader is the best trader because we do not have to "unlearn" a lot of bad habits from the past. A Trade Maestro membership is intended to help you grow and develop as a trader. The mentorship/apprentice program is designed specifically with YOU in mind!  We suggest you enroll and participate in all of the live webinars/events as you can. And of course, membership includes priority email support so feel free to use it to ask any questions you may have! You can reach support by sending an email to help@trademaestro.com

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

YES! You have a Full 7 Days to try a Trade Maestro membership. If for any reason you decide it is not for you, simply send us an email to help@trademaestro.com and we will be happy to cancel and refund your money. 

What are your personal trading results?

This is a great and fair question. The Chief Maestro (Jeremy Whaley) has been trading the stock market since 1999. Every year and every month of active trading yields different results based on market circumstances etc. For 2019 Jeremy's overall account growth was 52% for the year. For 2020 his overall account growth (YTD) is 186%. Jeremy uses the strategies and techniques he teaches, including the active use of stock options. 

What if I want to cancel?

Okay, we are really sad to see you go. But it would make us more sad to know you were paying for something you did not enjoy. At any time you may request to cancel. You will continue to have membership access for any time remaining for your 30 day cycle, after which point your membership will revert to a basic/non-active status.

Why should I pay for trading information?

It's true, there is lots of free stuff on the internet about trading the stock market. And you could learn it there for free. But think about it this way: this is your trading account we're talking about! Do you really want to risk making decisions with your life savings based on free information? We have an incredible track record of both trading the stock market and also teaching others to do so as well. We have priced our memberships in such a way that anyone should be able to afford to take our training. 

What if I can not attend a live class?

We understand. The vast majority of our training is recorded which allows you to watch the training on your own time line and schedule. Our Sunday Night Profit Picks needs to be live by the nature of the training. That session is always recorded and will be posted for later review (we typically keep an archive of 3-4 weeks available). Group coaching sessions and other live trainings will be recorded and posted for a reasonable amount of time as well. However please note: videos of LIVE TRAININGS will not be available indefinitely. 

I need to talk to someone, how do I get help?

Great! We would be happy to help. Please start by sending an email to help@trademaestro.com. We will respond within 24 hours (perhaps longer on the weekends) and make every effort to answer any and all issues you may have.