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Private 1-on-1 Coaching

Top performers know they need outside guidance. That's why you get a coach. We take a very limited number of private coaching clients. If you believe you might be a good fit then please click below. 

"I help traders get clear on their process, uproot limiting beliefs, and release their inner trading beast."

Trade Analysis    Mindset  •  Strategy  •  Stocks  •  Options  •  Risk Management • Accountability

If you are struggling to see consistency with your trades, or if you are finding success but wanting to find ways to improve and maximize your results... LET US HELP!

Listen to previous clients...

What You Get With Private Coaching

As a private coaching client you get personal attention, 1-on-1, to address any area you may be struggling with in your trading. The time is yours, so you can apply it however you wish, but typically we work through a process to make sure you are applying all of the principles of trading effectively. The typical coaching process is as follows:

Phase 1: Pick Winning Stocks

The most important part of any trade is determining the direction the stock is most likely to go (up or down). This is accomplished through trade analysis. 

Initial coaching sessions are intended to uncover issues in your trade analysis and "plug the holes". 

Once you are consistently picking trend direction and interpreting chart data, we will move on to the second phase of coaching. 

Phase 2:  Strategic Optimization

Whether you want to trade stocks, options, or a combination of the two, we can work through every aspect during your coaching. Every trader is different and this is the part of trading where individuals need to customize it to their own personality and style. 

Some people love Day Trading, other people hate it. Regardless, all of this can be customized in this phase of coaching. Your personal sessions will be targeted to your style and your desires. 

Phase 3: Becoming a Master

Risk, position sizing, and closing your trades - these are all trade management issues.

Once you are effectively analyzing trades and understand and apply appropriate strategies, the remainder of our coaching sessions will be addressing trade management issues and repetition. 

Repetition is how you will turn "head knowledge" into a skill set you can repeat in your sleep. That's when you know you have mastered it (aka, you are a Maestro!)


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Here's What Actual Clients Say

Making that $20,000 a month is just resizing the number of contracts...

"We had a conversation a few years ago and you really tried to talk me into covered calls or spreads. It just seemed boring and didn't interest me at all. Yes, you were right! Weekly verticals - right now it's Bull Put Spreads and I'm pulling in $2-4,000 a month. And making that $20,000 a month is just resizing the number of contracts I'm buying..."

Michael Beaman

Former Client


You gave me confidence that I know what I'm doing

" When I think about how you have helped me I think maybe more than anything you have given me confidence to speak up and believe I actually know what I'm talking about. I never had that before. You gave me confidence that I know what I'm doing"

Leda Roberts

Former Client


You helped me believe I can actually do this...

" All of your programs are wonderful. The trading programs, the Financial Fortress, and the Business training. For me the biggest take away is you helped me believe I can actually do this. And I can do it in a reasonable amount of time with the tools I already have. You gave me hope that I can really pull this together. "

Lorie Marsh

Former Client


Now, let's create your own story of success!


Can I Enroll For Coaching At Any Time?

No. I only have a limited number of private clients I can work with at any given time. Start by filling out the application form. Then, if you still believe coaching is the right fit for you we will have an initial phone call where I will ask questions and determine if we would work well together. At that time we can discuss when I have openings and when we can begin. 

What if I'm New To Trading?

Great! I love new traders! Often times the new trader is the easiest to work with because there is not a long history of negative trading experiences to overcome. Private coaching can be a great benefit to the new trader. However, do not assume you need private coaching to be successful. Most of my students have gone through pre-recorded trainings I've done and/or live webinars to learn most of what they know. My monthly mentoring membership is based on what I do with private coaching and is intended to help new traders (and experienced traders) grow into excellent traders even without a full blown private coaching experience. 

Do you offer a guarantee for your coaching?

Actually YES. This is pretty much unheard of in the field of coaching but I am so confident in what I do and I have helped so many people that I can (and do) guarantee I will help you get to certain milestones with your trading. There are some things I can not guarantee: Profits and profitability. It is not within my control so I can not guarantee it. I also have no way to control what you (the student) will do so I can not guarantee your own action or lack of action. But I will guarantee all that I reasonably can. In your initial intake call we will discuss your personal outcomes and objectives. If you say "I want to know how to pick winning stocks", I can guarantee that I will teach you how to pick winning stocks and we will reach that milestone in your coaching or I will continue coaching you for free until I teach you how to identify winning (trending) stocks. If you want to learn options, or risk management or another discipline inside trading, I will guarantee that I will get you to a level of competency in that area. In that regard I can control it and I offer a 100% guarantee that you will know it or I will coach you for free until you do. We will discuss which items I am willing to guarantee for you during your intake call. 

Why do you do coaching if you're so successful?

It's true I do not need to do coaching. Last year I grew an overall trading account over 200% with real money. I have businesses I work and real estate as well. So no, I don't do it for the money, I do it for the contribution. The fact I'm not doing it for the money is also one of the reasons I work with so few. If I choose to work with you it is because I believe I can really impact your life and that's what matters to me. In 2009 when I started teaching I discovered a calling I was made for - something I never knew existed. I fell in love with helping other people and it just so happened that trading was (and is) the field I get to help people in. I also coach people in their relationships, bigger picture finances, mindset and other types of broader life coaching. I do it because I'm creating impact and that is worth so much more than money to me. I also do it for the testimonies. Every testimony you will ever see published by me is 100% real. That's how I know I'm impacting people - when they write me or send me a video and tell me how I've impacted them. Money will come and go. Businesses will come and go. Success is a rollercoaster, it's never the ride to the top with an easy path down that people think it is. But the relationships and testimonies I build along the way are of real value to me and there is no limit to how many I want to receive - in that way I'm rather greedy. That's why I do it. 

What if I can't Afford you?

I understand. Everyone's personal financial situation is different and I try to work with each person as much as practical. However, private 1-on-1 coaching may not be right for you right now. But do not despair! There are many ways we can work together that are not private 1-on-1. Remember, my membership is designed to help you progress as a trader in a "one to many" format. My Accelerator programs are also an opportunity to "accelerate" your skills and grow as a trader. When private coaching is right for you, the money will appear to pay for it.