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Support this project.  We are building a first of it's kind mobile learning platform specifically to help individuals learn to trade and invest in the financial markets.  Your contributions and purchases through this page will help bring this project to life!


Trade Maestro Mobile Learning Platform

Our app is the ultimate tool for individuals to learn about financial markets & how to invest their own money. Support Trade Maestro’s growth today!

Jeremy Whaley

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The Trade Maestro Mobile Learning App is the latest vision of Trade Maestro founder Jeremy Whaley. This app is unique in the marketplace and offers a first of its kind user experience for individuals who want to learn to trade the financial markets and manage their own investment accounts. 

Version 1.0 of the App will be developed in 3 Phases

 Phase 1 - Initial Launch and proof of concept 

This phase will launch an initial version of the App which ties in to the current Trade Maestro membership. It offers a mobile app experience of the membership with access to on-demand training courses, live trainings, account management, and alerts/notifications. 

(Phase 1 is already in development and is on schedule for release by 4th Quarter 2024)

 Phase 2 - Livestream Integration

The second phase of development is focused on the integration of livestream technology into the App. With this technology users will be able to join live courses directly from their phone/mobile device. This integration is essential for both accessibility of the user as well as scalability of the livestream events. 

 Phase 3 - Community and Interactive Functions

The third phase will see the integration of custom user experiences, quiz functions, interactive testing and feedback and other learning features to enhance the user experience.  Plans also include the integration of a Trade Maestro user community where students can engage, collaborate, and enhance their learning experience together. 

Version 2.0 and Beyond

Once the first 3 phases of app development are complete version 2.0 and beyond will truly push the boundaries beyond any trading app ever created with an integrated media network, custom Trade Maestro indicators, portfolio tracking tools and more, all integrated within the app.  


Trade Maestro is seeking support from our community to help raise awareness as well as crowdfunding capital to support this project. 


Because this project addresses a market need. There are over 100 million individual investment equity (stock) accounts in the United States. Studies suggest the majority of these investors lack education, leading to negative outcomes.  Individuals must learn to invest their money to survive retirement and make a better life for themselves, yet the current results of advisors and professionals offers very little hope. 

According to SPGlobal's annual study, a staggering 93% of professionally managed US Equity funds underperfom their S&P benchmarks over 20 years – a statistic so staggering that SP Global doesn't even publish it on their website, it must be found in the granular research data. This is also a statistic that can be reversed almost instantly for an individual who is educated on how to invest and manage their money. 

The bottom line is individuals must learn to manage their own money and they need quality trading education at an affordable price to do so. 

The Trade Maestro app addresses this challenge by elevating trading education to new levels. It provides mobile users with unprecedented access to training and education that would otherwise be out of reach.

When you support this project on any level you are helping to support:

  • Comprehensive Trading Education: Backing this project grants investors access to a wealth of trading education resources, helping them understand market dynamics and investment strategies.
  • Improved Investment Outcomes: With the knowledge gained through the Trade Maestro app, investors can make more informed decisions, potentially outperforming traditional professionally managed funds.
  • Affordable Pricing: The app provides high-quality trading education at a fraction of the cost typically associated with financial advisors or professional training programs, making it accessible to a wider audience.
  • User-Friendly Mobile Access: As a mobile application, Trade Maestro allows investors to learn and manage their portfolios on-the-go, fitting seamlessly into their daily lives.
  • Empowerment and Independence: Investing in this project helps individuals take control of their financial future, reducing dependency on underperforming financial advisors and fostering a sense of empowerment.


We are seeking $100,000 in crowdfunding efforts to transform Trade Maestro into a world class mobile learning platform. We are seeking to raise this capital quickly to expedite development and grow the user base to a level that the project can self-fund future development out of self-generated revenue. 

How the money will be spent:

  • Platform Development: Capital funds will be allocated towards enhancing the Trade Maestro app's capabilities and user experience. This includes integrating advanced trading tools, improving user experience, and ensuring robust security measures to protect user data and privacy.
  • Expanded Human Resources: To facilitate quality development in a timely manner, we need to expand our team. We are looking to add support in the area of content experts, marketing & promotion, and technology. This investment ensures that users receive the best possible experience.
  • Marketing and Promotion: Funds will be used to build awareness and grow our user base through targeted marketing campaigns. This includes digital advertising, social media outreach, partnerships with financial influencers, and attending industry events to demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of the Trade Maestro app to potential users.


To help raise the needed capital we have designed a series of PARTNER LEVELS each of which offer unique ways you can contribute to this project.  Each type of partnership has its own set of unique perks which are described below. 


How would you like to Partner with Trade Maestro?

(NOTE: you may partner in more than one category)


If you have been positively impacted by the work we do at Trade Maestro and enjoy giving back to others, please consider making a one-time donation as a financial contribution to this project. Your donation will directly impact our ability to bring this vision to fruition. By contributing, you become a vital part of a movement that champions financial independence and equips users with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in their investment journeys.

As a perk you will:

- Have your name listed as a contributor (if desired)

- Feel great about yourself knowing you contributed to meaningful projects


To help raise capital for this project we have created several fantastic promotions. When you make a purchase through this crowdfunding campaign, 100% of the proceeds go to help fund this project. Plus you get immediate access to the reward you have purchased. It's a win/win - you get something cool right now and you get the benefit of knowing you helped contribute to the development of a world changing project!


- Name listed as Rewards Partner

- Early access to App when available

- Additional discounts and Promotions


Wanna help build Trade Maestro while also making some extra money on your own? If you have a network of contacts you believe might be interested in Trade Maestro please consider becoming an affiliate partner. Affiliates earn a commission on every transaction including recurring subscriptions, and best of all, every transaction also helps fund our projects at Trade Maestro. It's a win-win-win... your friend learns about trading, you get paid, and we raise capital to continue changing the world! 


- Name listed as Affiliate Partner

- 25% commission on all sales except coaching bundles

- Recurring commissions on subscriptions


Do you know some friends, family or online social media connections who could maybe benefit from the Trade Maestro offerings? If so please become a share partner. Agree to share as much of our content and offers as possible. When you share, you are spreading the word and giving other people the gift of Trade Maestro.  To get started, please share this page on social media and with at least 10 friends!  Then, please share the various emails and content we send out as well as our social outlets!  Together we can touch the world with our message! 


- Helping share the message of Trade Maestro

- Pride knowing you are part of the movement! 

About Our Founder


I'm Jeremy Whaley

I started learning to trade the financial markets in 1999. In those early days I was frustrated by the steep learning curve and often poor quality of education available for those of us who wanted to learn to trade. I thought "surely someone can do better than this" and in 2009 I set out to make that happen. At that time, the typical trading course cost $4,000 or more and usually met in a hotel lobby. Using what was then new webinar technology, we created a new category of complete trading seminars all at home via webinar. Others were using webinars to sell, but we helped change the industry by offering the complete course for a fraction of the cost - all at home, all via webinar. 

Just like webinar technology changed the industry in 2008-2009, this new App technology is about to change it again, and this time you can be part of it. Your decision to help what we are doing at Trade Maestro is a decision to be part of changing the face of trading education forever. I firmly believe over the next 2-3 years we will see thousands of new and experienced traders alike learning how to improve their trading results because of the training they get through our unique app.  

On behalf of myself and the people who's lives are about to be changed by using this new tool, I'd like to say a special thank you for contributing! 

Happy Trading to all! 

Jeremy Whaley

Founder - Trade Maestro


Unique Offers for our REWARD PARTNERS:

Everyone's needs are different, which is why we have created several unique offers to serve each of you at different levels. Regardless of which offer below you choose, your purchase will go directly to fund the projects described on this page.  

(click the offer to learn more) 


The ideal place to start for someone who wants to learn to trade and feel confident picking a stock that has a high probability of winning. This beginner level course makes it simple, in an easy to digest format.  Usually we sell this course for $100 but as a Rewards partner you can buy it now for only $50.  Buy it for yourself or gift it to a friend as a way to introduce them to Trade Maestro. Regardless, get started NOW. Be sure to use coupon code: REWARDS

OFFER #2 - Become a FOUNDING MEMBER (Save 50%)

It's been 4 years but just to help meet our capital goals, you can become like an original founding member! This membership is essentially equal to our INNER CIRCLE membership (which is everything) except at ONLY $97/month it is exactly 50% of the Inner Circle (yet includes all of the same perks plus the occasional bonus perk!!) If you have ever considered becoming a Trade Maestro Member, this is the time to do it, and do it with this unique locked in discounted price.



You can save 58% when you choose this option! It's the same as the Founding Member offer above except pre-paid annual. To put it in perspective... if you paid the regular monthly membership for all the perks and benefits you would spend nearly $2400/year!  But with this special offer you get all the perks and benefits of being an inner circle member, but for the founding member price plus the annual pre-pay discount! WOA! (and you get the added benefit of knowing you're helping to fund our project!)


OFFER #4 - 5 Year Membership (Save 78%)

We can't tell you how long an average customer stays at Trade Maestro - why? Because they don't really cancel! We have customers today who signed up on day one when we first launched in October of 2020.  Which is exactly why this 5 year membership just makes a ton of sense... For ONLY $2500 you will get access to an Inner Circle Membership (regularly $197/month) for the next 5 years! Plus of course you'll still get the app and all of it's related bells and whistles when it's released. This represents a savings of 78%.  Take advantage now by clicking below, and know you are helping contribute to our project! 

OFFER #5 - LIFETIME Membership (Save ALOT!)

Lifetime... really?  Yes!  Never before have we offered a lifetime membership but here for a limited time, ONLY BECAUSE WE ARE TRYING TO RAISE CAPITAL, and LIMITED TO MAX 20 PEOPLE, we are offering a LIFETIME Trade Maestro Membership. This includes anything and everything we offer (except for private one on one coaching). However as a bonus, to help compliment your lifetime membership you are going to get ONE (1) private coaching session with Jeremy (a $500 value). This is an extremely limited offer so enroll quickly! 

OFFER #6 - 6 Months Private Coaching

6-Months Private Coaching with Trade Maestro Founder Jeremy Whaley. This bundle of coaching sessions adds 2 free sessions to create a total of (12) 1 hr  sessions (plus an intake session) for only $5,000. This represents a savings of 20% plus extends your access time by 3 months... a great offer.  And that's why it's LIMITED TO ONLY 10 CLIENTS. If you have ever considered private coaching or think you could benefit from personal 1-on-1 development, this is your chance. It's never this cheap, but it is now just so we can help reach our funding goals for the new app.  Enroll now. 


OFFER #7 - LIFETIME Membership + 6 Months Private Coaching

WOW!  Never offered before and very likely never to be offered again... a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP + 6 Months coaching with TradeMaestro Founder Jeremy Whaley. This is truly a must have package that is certain to set you up for success.  You will receive a full all-access membership for life (including with the new app) PLUS you will get 6 months coaching, which may be broken up into (12) one-hr sessions or (24) 30-minute sessions! It's your choice. STRICTLY LIMITED TO MAX 10 CLIENTS. Set yourself up for maximum success, take advantage of this offer now.