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What Is It?

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Trading Crypto Even if you have never trader anything before - EVER!

In only 7 days you can have the knowledge you need to start Investing in the fastest growing technology in the history of planet Earth!  Opportunities like this only come around on average every 50 to 80 years, and now you can learn how to participate - FREE!

Everything You Need To Know To Get Started Trading Crypto Even if you have never traded anything before - EVER!

In only 7 days you can have the knowledge you need to start Investing in the fastest growing technology in the history of planet Earth!  Opportunities like this only come around on average every 50 to 80 years, and now you can learn how to participate - FREE!


I'm only asking for 7-days of your time - it's not even a full day, just a few minutes a day to watch a training session that will teach you what you need to know to get started trading and investing with crypto currency. 

Do The Daily Action Steps

Every session will have a few action steps you need to complete in order to learn the skills taught for that session. Commit to learning these skills so that you can pick the right crypto currencies and know when to buy and sell them for the maximum profit.


After you complete the challenge you will have the knowledge and skills to know if trading and investing in crypto is right for you, and if it is you can start investing when you feel comfortable. You may choose to continue learning more, or you may decide you know all you wish to know, regardless you will be prepared to start buying and selling crypto for your own future. 

Oh, did we mention


Oh, did we mention


That's right! It costs you nothing. And guess what...

When you love it... It still Costs You NOTHING!

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7-Day Crypto Challenge is perfect for you!

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These are the 7 Lessons You Will Get


Day 1: CRYPTO - The Future of Finance

It's true - the future really is now. But why trade crypto? How do you make money with it? Is it safe? Is it proven? And what is crypto anyway? All of this will be explained on day 1 of the challenge. 


Day 2: Buying & Selling Crypto

From exchanges to wallets to transacting with businesses - how do you actually work with this invisible digital currency? In this lesson you will learn how easy it really is.  And here's the promise: by the end of DAY 2 - you will be ready (if you choose) to start buying your first crypto! 


Day 3: What Cryptos Are Available To Trade?

Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Stable coins... what is there to trade?  In this lesson we will cover it all to explain what types of cryptos are available so you can choose the best ones to fit your investing personality profile. 


Day 4: How To Identify WINNING CRYPTOS

Hot pick from your neighbor or friend, or quality analysis... which one do you think will pick more winners?  Great analysis wins every time and on day 4 you will learn the secret to analyzing trades so you can pick WINNING Cryptos! (that's what you want right?)


Day 5: Profiting With Trends

"Owning crypto" might sound cool, but the only way to make real money is to own crypto that goes up in value. That's why understanding price trends and future forecasting is essential to make money with crypto.


Day 6: The Simple Trading System That Wins 80% of the Time

In the old days identifying trends could be cumbersome - thankfully we live in the modern era!  Using technology and modern tools this simple system will tell you exactly when the trade is trending and when to get out. It is hands down the simplest and most profitable way to invest.


Day 7: Crypto Strategies & Techniques

Learn six various strategies and techniques for growing and building your crypto empire. From active day trading to long term investing, to monthly cash flow strategies - there is one (or more) that will fit for you!

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What Does...


Mean To You...?

  • Earn Income above and beyond your career
  • Break free from the Federal Reserve central banking system
  • Invest early in emerging technology
  • Change your family's financial future
  • Pay off debts and bills
  • A little extra spending money
  • Make a bigger impact on the world

In reality, for everyone it's different...

It could mean all of the above and more!

Some people wish to buy crypto and HODL for the long term, 

Others wish to frequently buy and sell and take frequent profits

Still others are looking to escape the financial chaos created by fiat currency, inflating dollars, and ridiculous monetary policies by the central banks. 

Whatever crypto means to you,  


The next challenge is starting soon!  

About the teacher


I'm Jeremy

I've been trading the financial markets for over 20 years, and I've spent more than a decade teaching others how to trade as well. 

For years I was slow to adopt crypto, I saw it as a fluke and something difficult to comprehend. But then one day a man reached out to me and said very explicitly "I want you to teach me to trade - but I only want to trade crypto"

Over our next few months of private coaching I shared with him how markets and charts work. He was amazed at how easily and predictably we can chart the behavior of any trade

Along the way I was amazed at just how much opportunity I myself had been missing in the crypto markets and I decided then and there to jump in with both feet! 

It's true, much of the early money has already been made in crypto, but the big money is still to come. And that's why I'm offering this course for you. 

In the 7-Day Crypto Challenge I'm going to teach you the same information I shared with my private client. The difference is he paid me thousands of dollars to teach him, and I'm giving it to you for free! 

So get enrolled and let's start trading some crypto! 

Jeremy Whaley

Nashville TN

Still unsure?  Maybe these questions below will help...


How much is this going to cost?

The 7-Day Crypto challenge is 100% FREE - no charge. NADA.  Why? Because we want to help introduce you to the world of crypto in a safe way that is no risk to you.  Later, after you experience the training from Trade Maestro, you may decide you like our teaching style and you will be interested in additional offerings.  But there is absolutely no commitment to ever purchase any product or service from Trade Maestro in the future. THIS CHALLENGE IS FREE. We only ask for a little bit of your time for 7-days. 

Can I watch the videos at a later time?

Unfortunately no - we can not offer everything for free.  The videos will be sent to you 1 per day, and they will expire at the end of the day. If you would like to have access to the complete training for the lifetime of the product, along with some really cool bonuses, you can do that for a small charge.

I don't have any money to invest, why should I learn?

Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?  Do you not learn because you do not have money to invest, or do you not have money because you have not learned how to investThe reality is when you learn what to do and how to invest, the money will show up. Since this challenge is 100% free it's no risk to you - which means you're only stealing from your own future by not learning.  However after you learn how to invest with crypto, when you do have money, you will be prepared and knowledgable, ready to invest.  So yes, you should take this challenge.  

Is it true crypto is very unstable and I could lose all my money?

"Unstable" is a very relative term used by people who do not know how to make money buying and selling crypto. THE TRUTH IS: One person's instability (volatility) is another person's profit opportunity.  If you want to make money trading crypto you actually want to have the volatility (so called instability) because that is how you use crypto to your benefit for profits.  

So can you really lose all your money?  It's highly unlikely. If you follow the system we teach it is even more unlikely. It's true you may have some ups and downs, but losing all your money requires a serious commitment to bad trading habits and really bad risk management.

So if you or someone you know has lost all their money trading crypto, it is because they were either:

A) Uneducated on crypto,

B) Used really bad money management/risk management techniques or

C) had some really bad trading habits.  

NONE OF THAT is what we teach at Trade Maestro. At Trade Maestro we teach people to take high probability relatively predictable trades, how to quickly exit the trade if things go wrong, and most importantly, how to diversify and manage your risk so that you never need to go broke! (cause that's eww!)

I have a financial planner and he says crypto is foolish, what do you think?

I think you should call your financial planner and invite them to take the 7-Day Crypto challenge with you. If he/she is unwilling to learn the truth about the Crypto markets, then perhaps you would be better served to shop around and see if that planner is actually the best one available for you. The challenge is free - so it's no risk to you. The Crypto markets are REAL, and there is REAL OPPORTUNITY.  There are trillions of dollars flowing every day through the crypto markets, and the estimates suggest 1 in 7 people on planet earth will be involved in Crypto by the year 2025 - it's probably time your financial planner come with you to the challenge so you can both learn what you've been missing out on!

The next challenge is starting soon!