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Take Advantage of The Biggest Financial Change In history

Crypto is the fastest growing technology in the history of humanity... it is also the fastest way to grow your money in the 21st century. Yet, most crypto investors lack even the basic ability to know when to buy or sell a crypto. This course solves all of that and gives you the ability to conquer the crypto markets like a seasoned trading veteran.

The Fastest Growing Technology In Human History

Paving the way for the greatest wealth transfer in history


Annual increase in usage


Market Cap

1 in 7

# of People trading by 2025

"Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are the most life changing technology since the internet. It is literally transforming how we do life forever."

Here's What You'll Get When You Enroll

As soon as you enroll you will get immediate access to the entire Crypto Trading Accelerator training as well as all of the included bonuses. If you do one module per day you will complete the training in only 2 weeks, at which point you will be trained and prepared to take on the crypto markets like a seasoned trading professional. 

Buy & Sell Crypto With Confidence

Say no to guessing and no to hot tips. With this course you will be able to trade with confidence and peace of mind. 

Know the RIGHT TIME to Trade.

Using advanced techniques, learn to buy and sell at the right time so you only participate in the most profitable part of the trend. 

Grow Your Account

Say goodbye to big gains and big losses, with the right trading system you will see your account growing the way it should be.

Claim Your Part of The Future

The future is now. Many have missed out on crypto up until now but the greatest fortunes are still to be made. Claim yours.  

Learn This - Not That

The biggest challenge facing crypto traders is the lack of education. The market has been so lucrative that "crypto millionaires" are popping up every day. Yet these "success stories" can not repeat their successes because the do not actually know how to trade or how the market works. This course solves that by training on the most important aspects of trading and trade decisions paired with risk management. 

  • How to analyze a crypto and make the most profitable trade
  • How to know exactly when a trend is rising or falling
  • How to preserve your profits and your wealth with the right risk management
  • How to avoid devastating market reversals
  • The Hottest crypto of the week
  • Which crypto the latest social influencer is pushing
  • All that crazy nerdy technology no one understands
  • Arguments for which crypto will replace the US Dollar

When you get focused on the difference that makes the difference, you will start choosing better trades, increasing your confidence, improving your profits, limiting your losses and overall loving your crypto trading experience even more...

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I Didn't Realize We Could Do That With Crypto

"I have been interested in crypto for 3-4 years but I never felt confident to buy any. It seemed so random. After I saw your training I realize how predictable the trades can be. I didn't realize we could do that with crypto."

Chad Reily

(Trade Maestro Member)


You Did it Again - This Training is Top Notch. 

"Jeremy I just finished the crypto course and I have to say it's amazing. You did it again - this training is top notch. I'm so excited about trading again. I'm looking forward to getting back in the game!"

Paul Oehm

( Trade Maestro Member)


It's Not Really That Different Than Stocks...

"I think this was really good. I didn't realize how similar it would be to what I already know. I guess it's not really that different than stocks, there's just more big swings which I guess is good because that means there's more money we can make."

Pam Holter

( Trade Coaching Client)


Course Outline

Check out what you will learn in each module!


Module 1: Introduction to the Accelerator

In this module you will experience an overview of the entire accelerator as well as discuss the role of the crypto trader, how to profit with crypto, and understanding what it will take to be a successful crypto trader. 


Module 2: Technical Trading Theory

It may sound boring - but technical trading theory explains how and why it all works! In this module you will understand the frame work for how we do trade analysis, why it works, and maybe most beneficially, why the forecasts of those people on TV are always wrong! 


Module 3: Dow Theory

At the heart of all technical trading are the theories and techniques of a man named CHARLES DOW.  The same guy you may know as the father of the DOW Jones industrial average.  His understanding of market movement and pricing is the 20% that gets us 80% of the way there - it's that important.  And we cover it in-depth right here.  


Module 4: Support & Resistance

Support & Resistance forms the basis for all trade decisions. In this module we will do a deep dive into how and why support & resistance works as well as exactly how to draw them on your charts. 


Module 5: Trends & Trend Reversals

There is only one real way to make fast money in any financial market -that is to buy while the price is low and sell when the price is high. The only way to know when those two events will occur is to identify trends and trend reversals.  Everything in this training is essential, but if there were only one module to watch, this would be it.  One client even quipped "this one lesson is worth 3x the entire price of the training". 


Module 6: Moving Averages

By the time you get to this module you will be feeling pretty powerful - from here on it's all about maximization and optimization. This powerful tool will cut your trend analysis down to a fraction of the time. After this module you will be able to identify exactly the trend direction, the specific buy signal, and where to cut your losses in the event the trade goes wrong... all within 5 minutes or less. 


Module 7: Interpreting Chart Patterns

The entire process of determining which trade to take and which one to avoid comes down to identifying trends in trading behavior...and that's a pretty good description of what chart patterns actually are. They are small patterns of trading behavior that appear on the chart, which are useful in helping us anticipate which direction the trade will move next. This is the kind of powerful next level tools that will help lift your trades from amateur to professional (even if you're still at home!)


Module 8: Working with Candlestick Charts

Here you will learn everything you need to effectively use candlestick charts in your crypto trading. From basic candle construction to candle patterns to multi-day patterns and trading sentiment... you will learn it all here. And for those of you who might think you already "know" candlesticks, in this module you will also cover how to apply candlestick charting to a true 24 hour market. (hint: it's a bit different!)


Module 9: Working with Indicators

Indicators are a lot like the gauges of your vehicle... do the gauges drive the car?  No, of course not. But it sure makes driving from one location to the next a lot easier. In this module you will learn how indicators fit in to your analysis process, various types of indicators, as well as which indicators are best to use... and of course we'll also teach you how to interpret the data you see in those indicators!


Module 10: Introduction to Fibonacci

For the first time ever we are including the essential guide to fibonacci trading. This module will not just teach you about the various fib tools, you will also learn how to use the fibonacci tools to forecast market pricing and anticipate where the prices should turn (even if no previous charting data exists in that price range).


Module 11: Trader Conditioning

How can a trader take the "book knowledge" they learn and turn it into a skill set that is second nature to perform? The answer: Trader Conditioning. In this unique process you will learn how to use tools you already have available, to train and condition your responses to market circumstances. This is the lesson where you transition from "knowing about trading"  to "knowing how to trade".


Module 12: Trading Systems

At this point in your training you are ready for action - here we will discuss how to pull all of your various trading modalities together into a trading SYSTEM.  There are many systems for trading, but the basics are the same across all systems. In this module you will learn how to implement those systems. 


Module 13: Strategies

Crypto presents many strategic opportunities. From long term buy and hold (HODL) to intra-day day trading, to basic swing trading. And you can even trade options, futures, and swaps with crypto. Not to mention staking rewards and more. In this module we will get you up and running with some basic simple to execute strategies to beat the market and leave some bruises on the wallets of Wall Street. 


Module 14: Risk Management

Finally, as we conclude the training, we will dig into the essential components of risk management. How much is appropriate to risk on one trade? When is the right time to cut your losses and move on? Is buy and HODL really a good strategy from a risk management standpoint?  We will cover all those things and more in this module.

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What's an accelerator without some Bonuses?

The CRYPTO TRADING ACCELERATOR is packed full of everything you need to trade the crypto market like a pro. However, there are a few additional resources we have put together to help take your trading to an even higher level! 

Bonus 1
LIFETIME - 7-Day Crypto Challenge

The Crypto Trading Accelerator is for beginning/intermediate level traders. But what about traders who have never traded or have no prior knowledge of Crypto?

This 7-Day Crypto Challenge is the perfect addition because it will cover the basics that you need to understand some of the "beginner" keys that are not addressed in the Accelerator. For example, where to buy and sell crypto, what is a wallet, which wallet to choose, and other beginning issues like this. 

As a bonus you will receive lifetime access to this incredible training, so you can make sure you have all the tools you need to succeed, even if you're a brand new crypto trader. 

Bonus 2
Mastering Trading View

Trading View ( has established itself as the premier charting tool for crypto trading. It is also the absolute best charting tool that works across all operating systems and browsers, and allows you to chart from anywhere, any time, even if you're not at home on your own computer. 

So we have put together a training to get you started with trading view!  If you want to really succeed you're going to have to have a great charting tool. And since you're going to be using this anyway, we wanted to make sure you have all the training you need to get the most out of your TradingView charts. 

Bonus 3
Wired For Wealth - AUDIO

It has been said that "success is 20% knowledge and 80% mindset/psychology".  And yet most people spend 98-100% of their time working on gaining more knowledge and very little if any time working on mindset. 

In this "Wired For Wealth" Audio you will go on an audio journey designed to help rewire your unconscious mind to be more receptive to both learning new information and receiving more wealth as it comes your way. 

You have to do virtually nothing... simply grab some headphones, sit back, relax, and listen to the audio as it guides you every step of the way. You will feel relaxed, refreshed, recharged, and most importantly you will gain confidence as you literally "rewire" your brain for wealth. 


The premium bundle includes all of the above bonuses PLUS:

- 4 Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

- The following additional PREMIUM EXCLUSIVES

Private Coaching ($2000 value)
4 Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

For traders who are all in, committed to go all the way, and only want the best, PRIVATE COACHING is the only way to go. 

In these private 1-on-1 sessions you will receive personal attention from the Chief Maestro Jeremy, as you share your own screen via zoom, and he helps guide you on your journey. 

Your coaching sessions will be for 1 hour each, and may be used any way you desire.

If you need help with analysis - we got that. If you need help with risk management - we got it. Need help executing a trading plan?  We got you covered. 

With private coaching you can focus on exactly what you need when you need it so that you can maximize and accelerate your trading results in the shortest time possible. 

(Note: Coaching is normally billed at $500/session and is being offered at an extreme discount for this bundle. Discounts not applicable to any additional future coaching sessions.) 

PREMIUM Bonus 1 ($300 Value)
3 Months Full Trade Maestro Membership

At the center of Trade Maestro is our monthly membership where you have access to on going coaching, training, and our recorded training vault. 

With this premium bundle you will receive a full 3 months all access Trade Maestro Membership including all of the following features: 

  • Weekly Profit Picks (Live trade picking on Sunday nights before the week begins)
  • LIVE Group Coaching (2x/month on 1st and 3rd Thursday's of the month)
  • Maestro Trading Vault (unlimited access to the vault of recorded trainings)
PREMIUM Bonus 2 ($500 Value) 
Designing Your Financial Fortress Course

Never before offered to Trade Maestro members, and exclusively offered as part of this bundle, the Designing Your Financial Fortress personal finance course is a must have for every individual or couple looking to get out of the rat race and maximize their investment potential. 

This On-Demand workshop will completely transform the way you think about personal finance and cash-flow. It will also give you a special perspective on how Crypto fits into your overall big picture investing plans. 

Normally this course is offered on a related site for $500, but we have decided to offer it here as a bonus available EXCLUSIVELY for those who upgrade to the Crypto PREMIUM BUNDLE.

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About the Teacher

Jeremy Whaley is an investor, entrepreneur and trading coach. He has been trading the financial markets since 1999 and has been teaching individuals how to trade since 2008. Jeremy has been a featured speaker at the Money Show, the Ignite trading conference, Calm in the Storm Summit as well as many additional events. He is host of Think Rich Radio podcast and has authored numerous training materials related to business, finance, and personal growth.

People think trading has to be complicated and it should be left to the "professionals"... The truth is, using just a handful of tools armed with the right training, anyone can trade the financial markets successfully."

They Say

Stephen McManus

Retired CPA

"I enjoy Jeremy's open and welcoming personality. He treats every question from students as important and urgent. If he cannot answer a question immediately he will give you the answer within a day."

Marlene Noll

Interior Plant Designer

"Jeremy you are such a wonderful teacher! I have learned a lot throughout the years and yet, a lot more to learn. Keep up with the great attitude and energy that you transmit to your students.

Thank you!"

Why This Training Is So Valuable

"Jeremy I lost $1.8 Million.  How do I stop losing money"? 

That's a real quote from one of my private coaching clients who had early success in crypto but did not know how to protect his profits or realize his gains. 

The crypto market is amazing. It has single handedly created more millionaires out of nothing over the last 10 years than any other financial market.  However, it is also responsible for wiping out the wealth of many of those same individuals. 

Every lesson in this training is designed to help you keep more of your money. Every lesson is jam packed full of tips, tricks and techniques that professional traders use every day to navigate the markets and preserve their wealth. 

So how much is this course worth if it saves you $10,000 of loss?  Or $50,000 or as in the case of my one client, $1.8Million?

I have spent more than 20 years trading the markets learning and perfecting the techniques and tools I teach here. Thousands of hours of research and real world application have been applied to distill the information down into a simple flow that you can apply. 

Here, I present to you the best of my notes.  The most important things you need to know to master the market and trade for consistent profit. I've done the work so you don't have to.  

As one of my mentors used to say: "you're going to learn the lesson, do you want to pay for it up front with preparation or do you want to pay for it the hard way with your should-be profits?"

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  • Entire Crypto Accelerator Training
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • PLUS $450 in BONUSES:
  • 7-Day Crypto Challenge (lifetime access to recordings) ($100 Value)
  • Trading View Training ($250 Value)
  • Wired for Wealth Audio ($100 Value)


Regular Price


Only 6 equal payments of


What's included

  • Entire Crypto Accelerator Training
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • PLUS $450 in BONUSES:
  • 7-Day Crypto Challenge (lifetime access to recordings) ($100 Value)
  • Trading View Training ($250 Value)
  • Wired for Wealth Audio ($100 Value)



30 day guarantee

100% SATISFACTION Guarantee

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing training, you can reach out within 30 days after your purchase. We will make it right. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

A Note From Your Trading Mentor


I'm Jeremy Whaley

When I discovered trading in 1999 I never once imagined where it would lead a decade later. Yet, sure enough 10 years later I had built an entire profession around this crazy thing called "the market". 

Then I started teaching it and once again I never imagined where it would lead. All these years later, over 100,000 individuals reached, and I feel like we're just getting going! 

Now we are on the precipice of something new, even bigger than ever before. I'd like to say I can't imagine where it will go!  But I'd be lying because I have absolutely seen where it is going and let me tell you it is extraordinary! 

Over the next 5 years nearly 1 billion people will be entering the world of cryptocurrency.  This course is just the beginning. In the same way the internet changed the world, crypto and blockchain are completely rewriting the way we think about finance. It's an incredible time to be a live and the truth is, I probably will look back 10 years from now and say "I never imagined where that would go."

I look forward to helping you on this journey. Let's get started and let's get trading! 

Choose How You Would Like To Enroll


Regular Price


Save an additional 25% with a 1x payment of only


What's included

  • Entire Crypto Accelerator Training
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • PLUS $450 in BONUSES:
  • 7-Day Crypto Challenge (lifetime access to recordings) ($100 Value)
  • Trading View Training ($250 Value)
  • Wired for Wealth Audio ($100 Value)


Regular Price


Only 6 equal payments of


What's included

  • Entire Crypto Accelerator Training
  • Lifetime access to recordings
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • PLUS $450 in BONUSES:
  • 7-Day Crypto Challenge (lifetime access to recordings) ($100 Value)
  • Trading View Training ($250 Value)
  • Wired for Wealth Audio ($100 Value)


What if I've never traded crypto before?

The crypto trading accelerator is perfect for you. Even if you've never traded before we have included lifetime access to the 7-day crypto challenge which will cover all of the basics you need to fill in any missing information, so that you are fully prepared to get the most benefit from the Crypto Trading Accelerator. 

I don't live in the United States, Will this course still work for me?

Yes.  Absolutely. In fact this course was inspired by some of our international students. The basics of crypto are the same regardless of which country you live in. The only difference will be, in some countries, perhaps some additional rules or regulations. However this course is  not focused on regulations but rather on how to pick good crypto trades and execute the trades. Yes, this course will greatly benefit you. 

I Don't have a brokerage account, is that a problem?

If you want to trade crypto you will need to open an account with a crypto dealer. We typically recommend one of the larger ones such as or, however you can use our training with any dealer you choose to work with. 

IS xrp a good crypto to buy?

This is the most popular question we get asked (yes, really). We can not tell you if XRP is a good crypto to buy. We can tell you that it's a good crypto with a great project behind it. However we do not give specific trade advice. We teach you to analyze and choose your trades. And after you work through the training you will absolutely be able to analyze XRP and know if it is a good crypto to buy... (hint: the answer MIGHT surprise you)


We all need a little help sometimes! If you need to get in touch with us for any reason please feel free to send an email to  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.