January 18, 2021
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The Hidden Trading Secrets of Wall Street (BONUS)

Now that we have worked through the 7 Trading Secrets are you ready to take the next steps?

In this last and bonus installment you will discover the value of mentors, people who have walked the road before you. 

Mentors are an amazing help on our journey because they allow us to compress decades of their experiences into days of our own learning. 

Watch the video above to discover the power of mentors and then let Trade Maestro help you by mentoring you through our 21 Day Pick Winning Stocks Challenge.

Here's What You Will Discover:

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Hey and welcome back. You made it for the bonus session. This is fantastic. It's fantastic. Because maybe what I'm going to share with you in this section is the most important secret of all you say, what you saved the best for last. Yeah. So here's the question. The question I have for you is if you want to be a great trader, how are you going to learn to do that? How are you going to take what, you know, it's taken someone like me 20 plus years to learn how to do and compress it into a short period of time. So you can get that knowledge and you can actually get an emotion and start making real money in the market. How are you going to do that? And the answer is my secret. Number eight, my bonus secret. And it's this right here. Learn from mentors, learn from mentors.

Look, I've had mentors over the years. I didn't have good mentors early on. That's why it took me so long to figure some of this stuff out. Eventually I did have some great mentors and my mentors. Um, some of the lessons I've learned from my mentors, honestly, they've literally taken decades of experience and they've compressed it into one lesson. That's the power of mentors. And so it is so valuable to connect with people who have real-world experience. People are actually in the trenches doing it, and that you can learn from what they're doing and mentors show up in all sorts of different ways. You know, certainly there's people like me who put trainings together. And, um, you know, I mentor you. I I'd have my group coaching sessions. I have my Sunday night sessions. I have all this stuff that I do to mentor my students.

And so that's one style of mentoring, other types of mentoring, or two to come up with a trading buddy, find somebody who's, you know, got a kindred spirit and you can get together and you can actually work on stuff together. Early on in my trading career, I actually had that, uh, with one of my, my really good friends at the time. And he was working in a restaurant really late and he'd come home and he'd stop by my house on his way home from work. And, uh, we would actually sit out on my deck in the middle of the night. It started at like one o'clock in the morning. Cause that's when he got off work and we would work for a couple hours learning different things about trading. And so, you know, that can be a really good way. And, and that's, that's more of an accountability than a direct mentoring, but you know, if one of those people might have some more experience, you can learn from them peer to peer mentoring, so many different ways that you can get mentoring.

You might look at mentoring in the form of private coaching. You know, I do very limited private coaching these days, but you know, occasionally I might have an opening for that, but there's a lot of people that do trade coaching. There's a lot of people that can help you in that, that arena. And so I really want to encourage you if you want to be a great trader, uh, invest in, you know, I think it's quite fascinating that people come into the stock market looking for certainty. They are looking for financial certainty, but they come to the one of those uncertain places in the world, the stock market it's. So they come to one of the most uncertain places in the world looking for certainty and what do they get? They get lots of uncertainty. And then here's the next piece that's interesting, you know, for better or worse.

Unlike doctors and lawyers in so many other professions, anybody can come into the stock market and they can start placing trades. They can take their entire life savings and start placing trades and not have one bit of education. And I just find that quite interesting. Now, I don't want to change that necessarily. I don't think we should have regulations around education to trade, but I just think it's quite fascinating that people will have an entire life savings account and they go in and they start trading it in the stock market and they have no plan. They have no idea how they're going to pick the, the, the winning trade. How are they going to do their trade analysis? How they're going to manage their risk, or what strategies are you going to use? And they just learn it the hard way. That's why so many people end up losing money.

And that's why people think that trading is gambling. Trading is not gambling. It's a proven formula. There's lots and lots of different ways. We can make money in the stock market. It's definitely not gambling, but if you don't know what you're doing, it really kind of becomes gambling. So, um, my bonus secret lesson here is let's yourself learn from some mentors. There's some great mentors out there. Uh, there's a lot of people that are teaching some really great stuff around the stock market. There's some great books that are out there. There's lots of online courses. There's lots of videos that are out there. Just learn from some mentors. And if you'd be interested in learning from some more stuff that I have, I have a great training. That's the perfect next step for you. I call it my pick winning stocks challenge. If for any reason you have not done this pick winning stocks challenge, this is the next step for you.

It's a 21 day challenge. And basically over the next 21 days, what you're going to get is you're going to get one new training every day and it goes deep. And we're going to solve those issues of picking winning stocks. Hence the name, the pick winning stocks challenge. In fact, after 21 days, you're going to be able to pick winning stocks. You can be able to pick the direction that the trade is going, and you're gonna have a winning system that works with a finally a system to pick winning stocks. It's a 21 day challenge. It's an, it's an excellent program. We're really proud of it. Uh, I'm proud of it, not just because of the results, but, but just the fact that we could condense something down and get solid results in such a short period of time. So just, just imagine, you know, 21 days from now, if you've been struggling to pick winning stocks, you've been struggling to know what trades you should place.

Take the pick winning stocks challenge. It's a, it's a simple program. It's a simple, simple system. And once you understand it, you never have to doubt your trade directions again, if you'll just do the stuff I teach in the pick, when he stocks challenge, I promise it will work. You'll have your complete trading plan. You'll have your strategies, you'll have your analysis. All the things that we've talked about in these seven secrets you'll have of that. And now you're not going to be, you know, not a master's degree in trading, but you don't need that. You need something that's functional, so you can get up and running and you can actually start making profits in the market and to pick winning stocks challenge does that for you. So if you have, I haven't done that yet. I would encourage you to do it. There's a special offer on this page.

Now, I don't know exactly what I gave you on this page because sometimes I change it up a little bit, but, uh, normally I charge $500 for this program. And just for you, I have discounted it heavily. So all you need to do is right below here, get yourself signed up for the pick winning stocks challenge. It's 21 day challenge, and you're going to absolutely get more value of that thing than you can ever imagine it for any reason that, you know, you don't feel like you got the value that you paid for it. Let me know. And I'll be happy to refund that for you. Okay. Thanks again for watching all of my secrets. I hope you've gotten a lot out of it. It's been really fun to be here doing this with you. And I look forward to seeing you in the trenches and until next time happy trading.

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