December 20, 2023
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In this video we cover How to BEAT THE MARKET Every Time!

It's the number 1 question I get over and over "how do I beat the market"?  And it's the question many thing is unanswerable... 

Until now...

In this video you will discover a proven system that overtime beats the market consistently. It is easy to follow, easy to execute, and WILL get results over time. This might be the most important video you watch all yea! 


In this video we will discuss the following:

• The "pros" can't beat the market

• What are the benchmarks


• Step 2 - Follow the system

• Entries and exits

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hey folks if you've ever invested in the

market in any way shape or form you've

asked the question how can I beat the

market and that's what we're going to

talk about in this video how to beat the

market but not just how do you beat the

market I'm going to show you how to beat

the market every time at least within

reason let's

go oh

hey folks it's Jeremy Wy here from trade

Maestro I hope you're doing fantastic

today and if you want to check us out

over at feel free to do so

but what we're going to talk about today

is we're going to talk about beating the

market as I said in the opening called

this particular session how to beat the

market every time now of course there

are no guarantees in the market there's

no guarantees so is it going to happen

every every time maybe not completely

but over time you will absolutely beat

the market and I'm going to show you the

system to do that in this video now the

reason I even bring this question up is

because this is the question that's

that's kind of underlying pretty much

everybody that I engage with you know

it's either one of two ways but the the

question comes out what stock would you

buy right now okay or where would you

invest your money right now so those are

the two ways that it typically shows up

and I would say out of probably 95%

maybe 98% of the people that I engage

with and they ask me what I do that's

the first thing that they say is well

where would you put your money right now

okay so what they're really saying is

how can I make money and how do I beat

the market and the reason is because

underlying all of that kind of everybody

knows that the so-called professionals

aren't really very good at their job now

I just did a video on this that maybe

you've already seen it if you haven't uh

I'll try to remember to link it up here

in the upper right corner but um I talk

about why the fund managers the

so-called professionals are so terrible

at their job and I cite this study from

S&P or SP Global called speed

spiva and so what they talk about in

this study this is a study they've been

doing for years it's probably 20 25

years worth of History they have here

and what they do is they track over time

the so-called professional fund managers

and how they do relative to the

benchmarks and what you can see here is

over a 10year period of time I'll take

it full screen again over a 10year

period of time 90% cannot match their

S&P 500 Benchmark if you carry that out

over 15 and 20 years it gets even worse

depending on the year the stat lives

about 1 or

2% and uh sometimes it's 94% can't match

the mark sometimes it's 95 96% it

usually averages at about 95 94 and a

half to 95% cannot match the S&P 500

that means the vast majority of

so-called professional fund managers

just flat out stink at their job that's

what it means okay so I'm going to show

you how to do that and we're going to

start by by matching the market and then

I'm going show you how to beat the

market and uh this is really simple I

can show you this in about 2 minutes so

let's do it right now okay so our

objective here our ultimate objective is

beat the market and if we want to beat

the market then how are we going to do

that well we have to understand first of

all what the Benchmark is and The

Benchmark is going to be the index

there's pretty much an index for

everything but the main indices are the

S&P 500 the Dow Jones Industrial Average

and the NASDAQ those are the three big

ones and you also have the russle 2000

if you're looking at more small cap

stuff sometimes people will use that as

a benchmark but for the most part the s

P 500 is kind of the flat Benchmark if

you can proudly Proclaim I beat the S&P

500 and I do it consistently then you're

winning you're doing great so you know

there's not only is there an index for

everything there's an ETF to go with it

I talk about that in one of my courses

called raging profits with ETFs um

there's an ETF for literally everything

and that's what this guy's idea was he's

like well can we just buy the index the

answer is yes and that's step one of the

process if you want to beat the market

the first thing you got to do is match

the market and the way we're going to do

that is trade ticker symbol spy that's

spy that's an exchange traded fund that

literally will match the market exactly

like the the index does okay so let's go

over and let's take a look at that

really here and what I want to show you

is I want to show you this is ticker

symbol spy right here and you can see

that that it's just a chart just like

any other stock okay and um what it's

doing is it's matching the market so

that's spy and let's see if I can um set

these on top of each other I didn't

really set this up before I probably

should have but um let's do it this way

right here we will pull up uh SPX that's

the S&P index and um weekly so let's put

on a daily chart so these guys will

match and there you have it okay now

space it out get the same scaling in

here and uh let's see there there you go

we're getting there okay so kind of get

the same time frames there it is and you

can see right there okay so the the

chart across the top is spy the chart

across the bottom is the S&P index and

you can see they pretty much line up

exactly because spy literally what it

does is tracks the index and so they

have the same stocks that are held in

the S&P

500 with the same waiting and uh it's

going to run it exact the same so that's

the first step this the first step to

just make life really simple is trade

ticker symbol spy that's the heaviest

traded ETF in the world for good reason

because it matches the S&P 500 exactly

and it does it without having all those

crazy um fund manager fees you don't

have to pay that one or two% every year

that you pay for the so-called

professionals and there's no load fees

it's just an easy trade just go buy spy

okay so that is the first step in the

process process is trade ticker symbol

spy now it gets a little bit more tricky

not that tricky but just a little bit

more tricky and uh that is how do we

beat it and the way we're going to beat

it is I'm going to suggest that you look

at using the um the system that I refer

to as the moving average system okay now

there's a lot of different moving

average systems that are out there but a

system that most people are somewhat

well acquainted with as a moving average

cross system the numbers that I

typically use are 10 and 50

um I also throw the 20 in there but the

10 and the 50 will give you an

extraordinarily great Buy Signal and a

great setup for getting into the trade

now here's the other piece do bullish

trades only in a lot of the trades that

we do um we also take bearish trades but

for this particular technique and this

particular strategy use bullish trades

only so let me come back over here and I

will show you what this is going to look

like and you can see it on the top here

I have it laid out with a special um

indicator that we had created in trading

view it's really just moving averages

but it Shades it really easy for you so

you can see it okay so if it's red you

don't want to take the trade you see how

it's red here you don't want to take the

trade then it turns green right here and

when it turns green that's a check

that's a thumbs up okay and you see it

turned green here it turned green here

and it turned green here now if you just

do that right there you're going to beat

the market and you're going to beat the

market over time so we'll just leave it

at that for now let me just talk about

this what that is is that's the signal

to get into the trade that's the signal

to buy okay so when the stock is above

that and um stock is above those

averages and you have that cross and it

turns green like that right there

hopefully you can see that on the chart

there um that's when you want to buy now

the next question is when do I get out

of the trade because if you just buy

when the Market's going up that's good

but if you never get out of the trade

then all you're going to do is match the

market okay so what we're going to do do

is we're going to we're going to time

this a little bit we're not going to go

crazy this is not day trading this is

not really overly active swing trading

you generally will end up with somewhere

between one and maybe four or five

trades a year uh doing this technique

okay so really it's not super active at

all and you can you you don't

necessarily want to totally automate it

but you can automate the signals you can

get uh alerts sent to you on your phone

or your your email and it'll tell you

when to get in and when to get out so um

let's come back over here and what I

want to show you is where do you get out

of this well every time I'm going to do

this with red every time that the

averages turn red you definitely want to

get out okay so that's every everywhere

it turned red I know the first time I

drew that one in green sorry that was an

out signal right there and you get get

out over here okay so that's the obvious

ones every time it turns red you

definitely get out okay now we can tweak

that a little bit and we can actually

get out a little bit earlier but if you

just follow this part right here this is

something I have I don't know if it's

all my coaching students but a lot of my

coaching students who are trying to

figure out how to manage their own

retirement accounts um will do this

exercise and we'll go back in time and

I'll have them run four or five years of

just this right here buying whenever

it's green and and getting out and

selling when it's red if that's all you

do over time you will beat the market

normally what it works out to is about

75 to 80% of your trades are profitable

trades and the trades that are not

profitable are a a break even trade or

barely lost anything okay every once in

a while you have a pretty decent little

hit like a one or two% hit but these

huge massive swings that so many people

are are putting up with right now where

they're losing you know 15 20% uh in

2022 if you survived that bare Market of

2022 in the NASDAQ it was about 36% draw

down and the S&P was about 25% it took

all of 2020 3 before it got back to

break even so that's two years of your

life that you sat out and you just

didn't sit out if you wrote it out

you're sitting there on your hands

biting your fingernails saying how do I

get back to break even just hanging on

for dear life that is not a good

strategy I know people tell you it's a

good strategy the people that tell you

that are the same fun managers that

can't match the market so what this does

not only does it match the market it

beats the market and will consistently

do it over time okay so this is a really

really great strategy and I encourage

everybody to do it at least enough that

you can learn it and then once you have

it now you can implement it you can

repeat it over and over so I'm going to

repeat it for you really fast here step

one trade spy that's going to help you

match the market step two follow that

moving average system and you take only

the bullish trades not doing any bearish

trades with this particular strategy uh

just doing bullish trades only and if

you do that over time you will beat the

market we've proven it over over and

over again is it a super fast strategy

no is it a day trading strategy no will

you get bored running it probably but

you're going to beat the market and

you're going to do better than literally

95 97% of the so-called professional

fund managers why because you got a

system that works and you're not

overthinking it you're not overanalyzing

it and by the way how long did that take

it didn't take any time look we can go

back and do it right now you see it's

green if it's green we're going to buy

see that right there yeah it's green so

we're just going to buy I know I drew it

in red but here let's let's change our

pen our pen is now green to reflect that

we're going to buy when it turns green

right there see right there and this

works for every trade too it works for

any stock that you're trading you don't

have to be running all the calculations

and formulas and statistics you don't

have to do that you know we knew with

the Dow Jones just a few weeks ago we

knew that uh you know the bare Market

was done let's buy how do we know

because it turned turned green it turned

green and green is really easy it's just

kind of like green light red light it's

really really simple okay so anybody can

do it anybody can execute this if you

want to learn more about this um what I

just shared with you is an ETF strategy

and I actually go in more depth in my

3-day uh free 3-day challenge called

raging profits with ETFs and love for

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trading to all of you we'll talk to you


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