NASHVILLE:  We are excited (THRILLED!) to announce the launch of TRADE MAESTRO. The brand new training site for retail traders who are tired of getting beat up by the market and ready to take back their profits! 

Trade Maestro is the latest creation from investor and online entrepreneur Jeremy Whaley and continues his 10+ year career teaching others how to approach and trade the stock market.

"I started teaching people how to trade back in 2009 at the peak of the financial crisis" says Whaley. "I fell in love with the reactions I get from students when they have that 'ah-ha' moment and achieve a huge break through. From my own trading I know the markets don't have to be difficult but most people just complicate things way too much - I think that's a unique aspect I bring to my presentation."


Jeremy was previously a co-founder of another trading education business but sold his portion in 2019 to his partner. After sitting "on the sidelines" for a year he decided to re-enter the industry. 

"I'm coming back for a variety of reasons - the least of which is requests from former students. But there's still a lot I want to do in this space. It's not so much that I ever wanted to get out of the trading world, but rather I had reached an impasse with my partner and it was clear we could no longer work together. I elected to leave for a variety of reasons." 

Whaley says this time his approach to teaching will be substantially different. Partly influenced by changing market conditions and partly based on his experience over the previous decade observing others and how they best learn. 

"I've really adapted a lot of new updates to my methodology. After working with more than 100,000 traders some stuff starts to become pretty obvious! There are really only a handful of problems pretty much every trader faces"

Whaley claims he has simplified the process of learning even further, reducing the basic process of trading down to only 3 steps.  He claims "if I can just get people to follow these 3 simple steps and they will learn to master them, anyone really can trade the stock market and actually make money."

So What's Different about Trade Maestro

One might wonder how Trade Maestro is different from Whaley's previous business and other's who teach people about stock trading. 

Aside from the obvious distinction (Trade Maestro is the only place to get current fresh training from Jeremy Whaley), he has made the training itself more accessible financially.

"I don't want anyone to say they can't afford to learn to trade. That's a tragedy. There are millions of people signing up for these new 'free' brokers like Robinhood or Acorns, who truly do not have much cash but do want to get involved in the market. They're going to trade whether they are ready or not - and I know they need training.  But suggesting to these people they need to come up with $3,000-$5,000 or more just to learn about the market is just insensitive. It's out of touch with where they are"

To address this "affordability" need Whaley has decided Trade Maestro will operate on a subscription basis, similar to and other subscription based learning sites. 

Depending on membership level, members receive access to a combination of pre-recorded training courses, live weekly training, and on-going group coaching sessions. 

"I do not want to build another one of those companies that has to keep selling new courses just to pay the bills of the business. That's not serving my customer" says Whaley. "I want to enter into a relationship with my customer and mentor them through the process of becoming a great trader. If I can't provide that value on a monthly basis then I don't deserve to get paid."

Additional Features

While the core of the Trade Maestro business model is based on membership subscriptions, it does not mean there will never be any larger learning opportunities. Whaley says he has developed a unique set of master minds he calls accelerators which will be in addition to the basic membership. He also has indicated live in-person events are on the horizon, which is sure to take this trading education experience to an entirely new level. 

In addition to the content itself Whaley says he wants to be as transparent as practical with his students. He has clearly stated the vision and values of the business on the about page of the website. And he offers students a chance to read and adopt what he calls "the Maestro Manifesto". 

"Trading is a very emotional experience. We can't separate the emotion of money from trading, but we can redirect it. I want my students to focus on becoming the person trading will help them to become. That's about a lot more than simply making money."

Trade Maestro officially announced their launch on November 1, 2020, and can be found online at

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