In this video we cover The Maestro's Top 10 Stocks for 2024!

Every Year at Trade Maestro we keep a close track on the same set of stocks, this year is no exception as we reveal our Top 10 Stocks for 2024!. 

Our Maestro's Top 10 List is the centerpiece  of every Sunday Night Profit Picks class, where we work through this list as well as a handful of other great possible trades for the week! 

Be sure to watch this video and make your notes. Watch it in it's entirety because it also explains how we use the list 🙂 Here's to a great 2024!


In this video we will discuss the following:

• How this list works

• Criteria for the list

• The List! 

• A closer look at UPS (newcomer)

• A closer look at UPS (newcomer)

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it's that time of year again when

everybody asks me the same question they

say Jeremy what stock should I buy so

we're going to answer that in this video

as we talk about the Maestro top 10 for

2024 let's



go well hello hello everybody it's

Jeremy Wy from Trad mestro you can check

us out over at Trad hope

you're doing fantastic today and I'm

going to address that question that

everybody asks at some point they say

Jeremy which stock should I trade or

they say how do I find stocks to trade

or some variation of the exact same

question it's the number one question

I've got for years ever since people

found out that I was doing uh what I do

which is trading and teaching other

people how to trade they always always

ask that well what should I go buy right

now okay so I'm going to share with you

our Maestro top 10 for

2024 that means these are the 10 stocks

that we're going to look at every week

in our profit picks class um as we move

forward during this year okay so let me

share a little bit about how it works uh

first and foremost you need to know this

is our watch list of all the stocks that

we're going to watch every week we will

do more than this but this these 10 they

stay the same every week and every week

in our Sunday night profit picks class

we look at them and so this is the top

10 that means they we're going to be

intimate with them we will know them

inside and out in fact a lot of these

are the same as last year so we've been

trading them some of them we've been

trading for years and uh we just keep

trading the same stuff over and over

again which brings me to the next Point

here which is just because it's on the

list does not mean you need to rush out

and buy it because it may not be a

bullish trade yet okay what you need to

know is what we're looking for is

volatility we're looking for movement

because we trade both sides we trade the

bullish side and we trade the bearish

side so if you're looking at this and

you're thinking okay I just need to know

where I can buy and forget it well first

of all that's a terrible strategy I

don't care who's told you it was a great

idea it was terrible and whoever told

you that probably is terrible with their

trades too because it's terrible um

that's how I feel about it any questions

um no this whole idea of just going to

buy a stock and hold it and and you know

hope for the best it's a really really

bad strategy and a lot of people

actually the majority of people adhere

to that strategy and they do very very

poorly the most successful Traders know

when to get in and when to get out and

so that's why we watch the same trades

over and over so we can really time it

up and we know exactly when we should

get in and when we should get out so we

want exactly what I just described to

you trades that have a lot of volatility

we want stocks that we can do a lot of

trades on so we have frequent trade

setups on it a lot of these will have a

new trade setup every two weeks or in

some cases every week and uh we'll just

trade it and that's what we do so this

is our M show top 10 and uh there's some

good ones on here so I'm going to give

you the list right now get ready to take

yourself a picture and give you the list

and I will talk through it briefly so

are you ready three two one here it is

all right there's the list you got it

just kidding just kidding here you go

all right this is Myro top 10 for

2024 if you were around last year then

you probably remember a good chunk of

these because some of these are the same

and let's talk through them I will read

them to you we've got Apple from Apple

computer or apple link uh we got

caterpillar we got home Depo ticker

symbol HD we got Lulu that's been a

winner this year oh we got 3M mmm we got

Netflix Nvidia a newcomer this year is

Qualcomm that's

qcom and then we got Tesla and another

new one for this list this year is UPS

that's United Parcel Service so that is

going to be our our list for 2024 we're

rotating off Micron and we rotated off

when there's nothing wrong with either

of those companies I'm sure we'll still

end up trading them but they're just not

in our top 10 so that's that uh again

I've given you kind of the criteria we

needed stocks that are optionable we

want stocks that have a lot of momentum

to them um one way or the other and I'm

going to look briefly at Qualcomm and

UPS because these are the two newcomers

for this year we look at pretty much

every class um but ups and Qualcomm are

newbies so starting off with UPS here uh

what you're going to see is UPS actually

just recently gave us some goodby

signals but we're not following that

right now what we're looking at is we're

looking at the extremes of the range and

how much probability there is that this

thing is going to go big one way or the

other and if you just look back in the

last uh little bit going back to

2020 we had ups down here as low as $90

a share well we're currently at 180 so

excuse me I misread that we're at

160 so it would be almost a 50% cut if

UPS were to get really bearish and head

down to 90 now I'm not saying that's

going to happen I'm just saying that

there's an opportunity there okay so if

this trade goes down is there an

opportunity and the answer is yeah

there's a huge opportunity

okay now what about on the upside well

absolutely on the upside we have as

recently as the beginning of 2022 been

at $230 a share okay so 160 to 230 is a


opportunity and am I saying this trade's

going up I'm not saying that what I'm

saying is there's a huge opportunity and

what this shows you in the way that we

pick our trades is it shows you the type

of Trades we're looking for we're

looking for trades we're looking for

stocks that we're going to trade

actively um in some cases they'll be a

week or two that we're in the trade

sometimes we'll be in the trade for 3

four five months at a time but we're

trading them with the main intermediate

swings and so what we're looking for is

we're looking for stocks that have a lot

of room for volatility and a lot of room

to move so uh UPS definitely fits that

bill um if you look at FedEx which is in

the same sector UPS you'll see how well

FedEx has done um since it's at or

pretty close to uh recent highs um

there's not as much upside opportunity

on it so I felt like UPS provides more

opportunity for the upcoming year uh

which is why I left this one off it

really didn't matter I just wanted to

get some variety into the list and um

UPS seemed like a really good one so

there's still FedEx has got a lot of

opportunity um what I love about the

transportation sector uh particularly

the delivery Transportation sector um


FedEx is the number of e-commerce

shipments that are coming out on a daily

basis is just insane and anybody's crazy

to think that that's going to get lower

it's not and so these companies have

just lots and lots of volume they're

perennial companies that have lots and

lots of activity coming through them so

FedEx UPS two very good companies there

the other one that we're adding to the

list this year is Qualcomm so let's take

a look at this uh this is a stock that

actually has been on our top 10 off and

on many times over the years

and uh let's resize this there we go I

actually just about a month ago kind of

briefly told everybody I was getting

ready to add this one to our list and

since then you can see we're already to

almost to one of our first Targets on

this so I added this uh publicly I

started talking about it in our profit

picks group on November

20 uh it would have been the Sunday

before that so the 26 is when I started

talking about that and here we are we're

already two-thirds of the way to our

first Target on the trade but this is

another one that just offers a lot of

ups and down opportunities and it's a

stock that just continues to move I

think the initial phase of 2024 there

going to be very bullish uh we've got

some ultimate targets up here around

190 um so we've got lots of upside and

then when we get there we'll see does

this turn into another Lulu Le man like

we had this year you know this year Lulu

just kept hitting highs and kept hitting

highs and kept hitting highs and kept

going so could Qualcomm be that guy uh

it could be uh or will it be more like

some of these others that that we trade

that hit their pivot Points and then

they turn down and we trade them to the

downside then they hit those those pivot

Points we turn up turn up and trade it

to the upside so it may be that I don't

know it doesn't matter the important

thing is we got a really great stock to

trade and it's on our top 10 all right

so there you go folks you've now got the

top 10 my top 10 for

2024 and uh you can uh just watch those

add them to your own watch list if you

want to know what I think about the rest

of 2024 uh depending on when you're

watching this coming up the day after

Christmas I'm expecting to release a

preview forecast for 2024 so that'll be

kind of a big big picture and I will

send that out if you're not on our

mailing list then please go over to get yourself on the mailing

list and um watch for that so if you're

watching this after the fact then look

for that video it's probably out there

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uh some really good content in here and

it'll kind of give you a little bit

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thanks again for watching I hope this

has been fantastic for you uh like And

subscribe if you have not done so

already like And subscribe and until

next time I wish you the best happy

trading we'll talk to you



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