In this video you will discover the SHOCKING TRUTH about Fund Managers - you don't want to miss this one!!

Most people assume their retirement money is safe and optimized because they have "hired a professional" to manage it. But what you may not realize is the truth lurking behind the scenes.  The truth about how ineffective the vast majority of fund managers truly are. 

More importantly people do not realize the fees they pay in exchange for what could often be described as nothing more than "professional ineptitude". 

In this video you will LEARN THE TRUTH as well as how you can take your power back, beat the pros, and get on a path to watching your account grow!


In this video we will discuss the following:

• Fund manager performance over time

• The standard Benchmarks

• How fund managers miss benchmarks consistently

• What you can do about it!

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hey folks have you ever thought to

yourself I just don't feel like my fund

manager is doing as good a job with my

retirement money as he could be maybe

you're looking at your accounts and

you're looking at the market and just

not going up the way you feel like it

should do well that's what we're going

to talking about in this video I've

called this the truth about fund

managers and let me tell you it's not

what people think it's a conversation we

need to have so let's do it right now





hello hello everybody it's Jeremy Wy

here from Trad Maestro hope you're doing

fantastic today you can find us over at

Trad and as I said in the

opening we're going to have a

conversation today about fund managers

and we're going to talk about the truth

about fund managers which is not what

anybody wants to admit but it is the


and I'm telling you by the time you're

done with this video if you don't agree

with me then well that's fine but I

think you're going to agree with me and

what I'm going to propose is everything

I'm about to share with you should be a

standard disclaimer for every fund

manager but it's not and I wonder why so

you say well what are you going to share

well let me get there if I can find the

right screen there we go let's get there

and I want to share with you this study

that comes to us from um SP Global okay

so standard and porters you can find it

it's kind of hard to find so the easiest

way to find it is just Google it just

Google spiva IA and what you see here is

you see how the different funds perform

relative to their Benchmark so you can

see here across the United States

there's the there's a little planet

right there or not the planet but you

know what I meant the nation continent

that's what I'm looking for um and so

you can see over 10 years 90% of funds

underperform the S&P 500 what yeah well

it gets worse than that but instead of

taking a bunch of screenshots I figured

it'd be easier just to go over there and

actually show you so let's do that so

I'm on the website here and what I want

to show you is I just kind of want to

show you how this works you can go do

this yourself okay so I'm not just you

know coming up with crazy infographics

for you you can do this yourself if you

click on one year you will see that 60%

here let me find my pen and draw on the

screen for you so you can really see it

60% of funds underperform the S&P 500

39% outperform over one year okay it's

not bad well well it's not good but

relative word it's going it's not bad

over three years uhoh over three years

79% of funds

underperform over five years that number

goes up

86% underperformed over 10 years it just

gets worse doesn't it folks


underperform over 15 years that number

goes up to

92% over 15 years but it gets worse than

that folks and I want to show you how to

get access to this because even SP

Global it's so bad that they don't even

publish publicly they do but they don't

put it here how bad it really is so I'm

going to show you right now how you find

out how bad it really is so what you

want to do they kind of feature just the

last 15 years but if you scroll down

just a little bit you see where it says

view more fun categories this is a

stunning report and all of you should

look at it click on the little plus sign

and then at first you're going to think

oh it's just showing 15 years but if you

scroll to the very very bottom of this

section you'll have a location where you

can download the full report you see

this little red button right here okay

so you're going to download that and

when you do it's going to pull up this

full report right here now this is like

uh 46 pages okay and this goes through

this is the midy year

2023 uh they'll update this uh probably

in January for the end of the year but

we're going to go down it's about page

nine or 10 you have to go through all

this stuff to get there this is just

stunning folks they I just can't believe

that more people don't talk about this

there it is is right there look here

starting on page which page is that page

nine look here folks if you go all the

way to the far right 20 years they have

20 years of data and compared to all

large cap funds relative to the S&P 500


underperform their



93% okay so that means

based on this data that you have to have



6% fund manager because 93.5 eight%

underperform um I think it was the end

of 2022 that number was actually

95% it's like 95 94.8 n or something

like that it was almost 95% so you'll

often hear me say 95% of fund managers

miss their Benchmark over 20 years

because they do they do over 20 years

now the reason I'm really passionate

about this and the reason I talk so much

about it is because no one else is

talking about it and what do they tell

you every time you go and you start

learning to invest and you give them

your money they say you need to hold it

over a long period of time and the

longer you hold it the more your returns

go up yada yada remember that but here's

what the data shows the data shows that

the longer they have your money the

worse they do relative to The Benchmark

itself it would be better for you to

just go by The Benchmark it would be

better if you just go by the S&P 500 or

any of these benchmarks and if you look

at the list here you see there's all

kinds of benchmarks I mean we've got uh

for the comparison we got the composite

1500 and all domestic funds compared to

that they underperform by 93% you got of

course the S&P 500 you got the midcap

small caps uh you got the growth funds

you know just go down the list and you

can go to your fund manager whoever your

fund manager is and you can look at the

list that they've put you in for your

retirement money and you'll see growth

stocks you'll see index you'll see all

these different things uh that they're

trying to accomplish and according to

the statistics 93 94 95% of them cannot

match their Benchmark over 20

years see I think that that should be

disclaimed I think when you start

investing with those fund managers they

should tell you the statistics and if

they're a top five percenter they're top

six percenter they should tell you that

too okay let me show you a couple other

stunning stunning statistics in here you

ready so I'm going to go back to full

screen and uh you will notice when it

comes to the S&P growth funds which by

the way most of your retirement money

hits growth funds at some point

95% um core funds versus the S&P 95%

miss it look at this one the midcap core

funds compared to the midcap 400 index

98% miss it

98% my

goodness this should be criminal don't

you think don't you think that should be

a criminal statistic right there I just

don't know how they get away with it

here's the facts folks I'm going to put

them up on the screen the facts are the

pro the pros are notoriously terrible at

their job they're pretty much failures

that's just that's the facts okay the

facts are 93 94 95% depending on the

fund depending on the Benchmark fail to

match or beat their Benchmark over a

20-year period of time it's just the

facts and you don't have to take my word

for it go look it up yourself the longer

they have your money the worse they do

that's the

facts depending on your fund you have to

have a five top 5% or top 6% fund

manager to beat the market it would be

better off for you to not pay somebody

to manage your money and for you to just

simply buy index funds on your own than

to give them your money and let them

fail you over 15 or 20 years what's the

takeaway from all this just because

someone calls himself a professional it

doesn't mean they're actually better at

their job than you are let that one sink

in folks just because someone calls

thems a professional it doesn't mean

they're actually better at their job

than you

are so if you want to learn more about

this if you find this interesting you

want to learn more about it I actually

have a training on exchange traded funds

and how you can beat the pros and in

less than 10 minutes I can show you

exactly how to do that how to beat the

pros um it's not hard because 95% of

them can't match the Benchmark so we're

going to show you how to trade The

Benchmark and then a whole lot more it's

a free challenge it's a 3-day Challenge

and all you have to do is sign up below

here uh there's going to be a link below

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join me for my raging profits with ETFs

three-day challenge is completely free

and I'll help you learn how to beat the

pros all right with that said folks if

you have not subscribed to our Channel

already then do so go ahead and

subscribe or depending on the platform

you're watching this on like it follow

it whatever you need to do so you can

get all the updates and until next time

I wish you the best happy trading we'll

talk to you


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