December 18, 2023
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In this video we cover the TOP ETFs for 2024!

It's a new year and time to mix up the trades a bit. So what are the TOP ETFs for 2024?

ETFs have quickly emerged as a leading investment tool among all investors over the last 25 years.  Currently there are over 3000 ETFs to choose from!  Which makes finding the best ones for job a tad challenging at times!  But not now! 


In this video we will discuss the following:

• Top ETFs for 2024

• How I trade

• Index ETFs

• Commodity ETFs

• Sector ETFs

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hey folks it's that time again we've got

to the end of another year which means

we're starting a new season and that

makes it the perfect time to take a look

at some of our trades and see what we

might want to shift which is exactly why

I have decided to do a video today on my

best ETFs for

2024 it's going to be great let's



hello hello everybody it's Jeremy Whaley

here from trade Maestro hope you're

doing fantastic today and as I said in

the opening we're going to take a look

at my best ETFs for

2024 so it's a new season whenever

you're watching this if you're watching

at the end of 2023 or if you're watching

this just after the New Year perfect

time perfect time to take an account of

everything and of course exchange traded

funds are one of the best tools to use

for our portfolios especially when

you're trying to manage something that

historically maybe has been done by a

fund manager but you've taken control of

that and so that's what we use ETFs for

so I'm going to talk about my best ETFs

for 20124 for those of you who may be a

little bit new to some of the stuff that

we do and maybe aren't as familiar with

the terminology let me just kind of give

you one slide on what is an ETF what are

ETFs and an ETF is simply that's an

acronym for or an exchang traded fund

ETF exchange traded fund what does that

mean well folks it's like a mutual fund

only different so if you're familiar

with the concept of a mutual fund which

most of you are because you know most of

your retirement funds and your

retirement fund managers are using

mutual funds so a mutual fund is a

pooling of different stocks that you

bring together into a fund and then you

pull people's money together to buy all

these stocks and then as the collective

fund Rises then you make money on it

well an ETF is kind of like that but the

difference is you don't trade it like a

mutual fund instead you trade it like a

stock it trades on the exchange exactly

like an individual stock so you know

you're used to trading an apple or a

Google or you know any of the 3,000 Plus

stocks that are out there well guess

what you can also trade a fund like that

and when we do that it's called an

exchange traded fund and guess what it

is way way better than a mutual fund it

gets rid of a whole bunch of the bad

stuff of the mutual funds it adds a

whole bunch of the great stuff that you

get whenever you trade a directly uh

trade a stock directly and that makes

this in my opinion the the mutual fund

of the future I've called it that for

probably 15 years and um the first time

I called it that it was already well

established and that was at least 12 or

15 years ago so for sure this is the

mutual fund of the future all right with

that said I have given you the preframe

if you want more uh information about

ETFs then you can take some of my

courses on ETFs and learn more about

that but what we're going to do here is

I want to give you a list of my favorite

and my best ETS for 2024 so get ready to

take screenshots get ready to take your

pictures and before we do this I want to

also remind you kind of my philosophy of

how I trade um I'm not a day trader per

se sometimes we'll do b day trades but

that's not my preferred style of trading

uh everything that I'm going to share

with you in terms of this list of ETFs

will work great for day trading if you

want too my style of trading is more

intermediate swing term intermediate

swing term how do you like that

intermediate term swing trading how's

that intermediate swing trading um which

means that my typical trades are going

to be anywhere from 3 months up to maybe

six or eight months sometimes nine

months sometimes 10 months sometimes

longer just depends on the swing but um

in general we're going to pretty much

catch the intermediate uh swing of the

trade that's the the focus for what

we're doing okay so with that said as a

pre-frame um let's jump in oh actually

one more thing I want to say before we

get going I want you to know these are

not specific trade recommendations I am

not at all saying that these funds are

going up this is a really really

important point in fact I should have

done a slide for it but I didn't I am

not saying these funds are going up

here's what I'm saying these are funds I

like to trade Now understand as a Trader

we trade the upside and we trade the

downside and that just means that these

are good funds to trade okay and they're

my favorites for the upcoming season so

with that said now you know do do not go

out and just buy these funds directly I

mean you can but that's not what I'm

suggesting I'm saying put them on your

watch list and then use Smart trading

behavior all right let's get into

it for starters let's look at my

favorite index ETFs now index ETFs these

are going to be exchange traded funds

that trade an

index and honestly this list pretty much

never changes but I'm going to share it

with you anyway uh The Benchmark is the

Dow Jones Industrial Average the ETF

that we trade for that is Dia diamonds

Dia a okay The Benchmark the S&P 500 the

one we trade for that is spy that's the

spiders spy and then for the NASDAQ it's

QQQ now those are

by far the most popular ETFs that I

trade spy Spy is the most popular ETF

traded so it's always on my list because

of the popularity for it um so there you

have it but if you're looking to get

exposure to the NASDAQ 100 use QQQ if

you're looking to get exposure to the

Dow Jones use Dia if you're looking to

get exposure to the s&p500 use spy and

if you're looking to get exposure to

Russell 2000 which some of you might be

uh use ticker symbol iwm that is the

correlating exchange traded fund

now let's talk about the bottom of this

list the bottom of the list you're going

to notice there's a bunch of short funds

and as I said just a moment ago just

because something's on the list doesn't

mean you need to go buy it these short

funds are designed to go up when the

market goes down so here's what happens

if the overall Market takes a bearish

turn and you don't want to be trading

SPY you don't want to be uh trading the

diamonds Dia uh or QQQ if you don't want

to be trading one of those then how can

you make money in a bare market and the

answer is this next set of funds these

are inverse funds you buy these just

like a stock you can buy them long you

can also buy them short or sell them

short but um it's already a short fund

it doesn't make any sense to do that so

you're going to use these this

particular funds that I'm about to tell

you you're going to use them in a bare

Market when you're looking to make a

profit while the Market's going down

you're going to use these funds you're

going to buy them like a regular long

trade but they're going to go up okay so

here we go uh the 2x short Dow this is

if the Dow Jones is going down and you

want to trade a bearish trade use ticker



DxD uh for the short S&P 500 I use

SDS for the short NASDAQ I use use

qid and for the short Russell I use

twwm now you will notice all of these

are 2x funds which means they're going

to move twice as fast okay and I do that

especially for the short trades I

definitely use the 2x funds for that um

I like these funds I trade out of those


probably well every every Ticker on here

except for twwm I will probably trade at

least once in the next 12 to8 18 months

just depending what the Market's doing

but I trade these fairly often I trade

the Russell the least um The Diamond spy

q's and the related inverse funds I

trade them relatively often okay so

there's my index list all right next

let's talk about the Commodities list

now um I do not go through every

commodity um these These funds that I'm

sharing with you these actually are the

core funds that I use in some of our ETF

um bigger picture money man management

plans specifically the one that I teach

my ETF uh course that I call raging

profits so these are the ones that we

use for the commodity rotation and so

here they are for gold we're going to

use ticker symbol

GLD for silver we're going to use ticker


SLV for oil I will use

Uso and for natural gas I use un

G now those are the primary

Commodities I do not rotate through

other Commodities I if I'm not in one of

those four then we'll just be in cash

okay you also notice however two more at

the bottom that are not specifically

Commodities but they don't really fit

somewhere else better so I stick them in

here and that is solar and treasuries so

for solar we use Tan t

an and for TR treasuries we use

TLT now I will tell you that treasuries

are starting to look pretty good right

now at the beginning of the year um

they've actually given us some really

good signals the FED has signaled that

they're done raising rates which means

treasury should have a pretty good

outlook so out of this list that's

definitely one you're going to want to

keep close on your radar gold and silver

it's just the ETF versions for for gold

and silver and then oil and natural gas

again it's the ETF for that so um these

are the only commodity funds that I

really work with um you know from time

to time we might look at some others but

these are the ones that we consistently

rotate in for our rotation for our

sectors okay and finally the last

section is actual sectors and so again

part of our money management plan that

we do we rotate through five of these

actually excuse me we rotate through

five uh

diversifications three of those are

going to come from this list right here

which is our sector list okay so let me

give them to you right here and they're

all the X's basically so xlc is for the

communication Services XL Y is consumer

directory Consumer Staples xlp energy

XLE financials XLF Healthcare

XLV Industrials as xli materials as xlb

real estate XL re Technologies xlk and

xlu for utilities so take a screenshot

of that and then you can have that list

and like I say the these are part of the

bigger picture plan but these are the

ones that we rotate through and I've

been using them for a long time and

really really get great results with

them so again I want to emphasize just

because something's on the list doesn't

mean you need to go buy it right now

what it is is it's on your watch list

and then based on your criteria for what

you should be getting into and when you

move in and out of the ones that are

appropriate so if you want to learn more

about that you want to learn more about

how we use these I actually

have a 3-day challenge that is free

you're welcome to go sign up for it all

you need to do is um well I'll put a

link below so wherever you're watching

this if you're on YouTube or Facebook or

our website or wherever you can um you

can just go right below or wherever and

get yourself signed up for it and um

yeah that's how you do that okay so

that's the best way to do it it's three

days it's easy it's free you have

nothing to lose and then you get all of

the information that I'm sharing with

you okay you'll understand how these

funds really work uh next if you have

not signed up wherever you're listening

right now if you're on YouTube Facebook

wherever subscribe like follow whatever

you need to do so you can get the rest

of our updates because we'll be sending

more out and of course you always want

to have access to them all right thanks

a lot for watching hope you guys have a

great new year or if it's already in the

new year when you're watching this I

hope you had a great New Year and I hope

you have the greatest 2020 for forever

all right until next time happy trading

we'll talk to you



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