Top Stocks for 2021 - Part 3

This is part 2 of the 25 Top Stocks for 2021 with interactive charts article which can be found here

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11.  MOS - Mosaic

MOS is a fortune 500 company based in Tampa Florida which mines phosphate and potash. It is the largest U.S. producer of potash and phosphate fertilizer. 

It is also a stock that routinely delivers trends that move 50% or more of the total value of the stock! After hitting a nearly 20 year low of $6.50/share in March of 2020, MOS rallied through the end of the year closing 2020 at $23.01/share, an increase of nearly 300% in less than 9 months. 

As of this writing MOS is poised to continue it's bullish move with possible targets above $50/share. But even if the bulls subside, this stock offers plenty of money making trade opportunities. 

12.  MRNA - Moderna

Obscure is not the right term for this unique pharmaceutical company. Moderna, trading with ticker symbol MRNA, specializes in vaccines and other technology they refer to as "therapeutics". Their uniqueness is  what they call "messenger RNA" technology, hence the ticker MRNA. 

This company was founded in 2010 with an IPO at the end of 2018. For the most part few of us took note, until the corona virus of 2020 thrust MRNA onto the scene. 

Following the announcement of a vaccine and an agreed upon purchase of millions of doses by the U.S. Government, MRNA soared to more than $180/share. Despite being a relatively newcomer to the legal drug trade, it appears Moderna is here to stay with some exciting trading opportunities ahead. 

13.  MU - Micron

Micron Technology is a company you may have never heard of despite quite possibly using their products on a daily basis. This manufacture of computer memory has been a favorite of traders for years and the future looks as exciting as ever. 

Sure routine trends that provide 30-50% moves are fantastic. But this stock has found a unique home among stock traders who like to sell covered calls. It is among a unique few where a traders can buy the stock, sell a call, and consistently earn upwards of 5% or more on a monthly basis!

Regardless of your trading style MU is an excellent stock to trade, and a worthy addition to this list. 

14.  NFLX - Netflix

From exclusive programs to reruns of classic sitcoms and favorite movies alike, Netflix has secured its place in the media minds of American homes. 

Business demands following the corona virus of 2020 pushed this stock to double in  less than 4 months. Like so many on this list, this stock is chocked full of volatility and opportunity. It's a favorite among option traders and it's destined to be a favorite in 2021. 


A funny think happened on the way to the technological future... some obscure person invented some obscure digital token that had to be mined from the digital sphere the way gold is mined from the earth. They call this token "bitcoin". And one of the best tools used to mine it is manufactured by NVIDIA. 

Outside of the gaming or bitcoin mining world many have never heard of NVDA. This manufacture of graphics display cards has been a major player in providing the tools needed to mine the crypto currency. As the demands have increased, so has this stock, which has been enjoying a nearly uninterrupted bullish trend for 2 years. 

Despite the very short setback from covid in March 2020, within weeks the stock had not only recovered but gone on to double from it's pre-covid highs. If you've never watched this one, it's time. 

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