Top Stocks for 2021 - Part 4

This is part 2 of the 25 Top Stocks for 2021 with interactive charts article which can be found here

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16.  PTON - Pelotron

One of the many heros of the 2020 "stay at home" craze is PTON. Pelotron manufactures a unique workout bike that allows users to connect with other riders around the world as they ride virtual roads and compete in virtual races. 

Sounds pretty... perfect for 2020. That's why just a few short months after their 2019 IPO, PTON finds itself trading at almost 10x it's IPO price. I seriously doubt the Pelotron community saw the virus coming, but they were positioned perfectly to take advantage. And now the stock is positioned perfectly to be listed as an excellent trade contender for 2021. 

17.  PYPL - Paypal

Paypal was one of the original pioneers of the tech boom we know as the dotcom bubble. Unlike many of its peers of the day, PYPL has emerged not only victorious, but as a bit of a staple in the world of online commerce. 

The stock continues to perform, primarily in a bullish direction.  With 200% gains off it's 2020 lows PYPL continues to offer ample trading opportunities. 

18.  QCOM - Qualcomm

Like many tech companies, you may have never heard the name Qualcomm. But your day to day communications almost certainly uses some of their infrastructure or components. 

This tech giant has been a favorite of tech investors since the 90s and it continues to present interesting trade opportunities. 

Most recently QCOM is approaching gains of nearly 200% since its 2020 lows, and the bullish trend only seems to be building more support. 

With a long history of providing great volatility trades, QCOM is a tech stock you should become intimately acquainted with. 

19.  T - AT&T

Does AT&T need an introduction? This telephone giant has been a blue chip since before most living Americans were born! 

Unlike many 2020 stocks, T has struggled to recover from the corona virus panic. As of this writing it continues to trade around $28/share, which is roughly 30% lower than its pre-corona trading price. 

Regardless of the 2020 performance, this stock and the company behind it continues to offer ample trading opportunities and 2021 should be no different. 

20.  TSLA - Tesla

Some stocks are fun to trade and some are just mind blowing! TSLA is the latter. During the 2020 bull run TSLA performed more like a spaceX rocket than an automobile manufacture. That's probably because TSLA does so much more than manufacture automobiles. 

The 2020 gains in TSLA turned Elon Musk into the richest man in the world. It also turned a lot of retail traders into the richest men and women on their block. 

Despite the 5:1 stock split over the summer TSLA continues to soar and is once again approaching $1000/share. Perhaps another stock split will be in order for 2021, I don't think too many people would complain. Regardless, in the mean time this stock is doing it's best to reach the moon before anyone else can get there. 

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