Top Stocks for 2021 - Part 5

This is part 2 of the 25 Top Stocks for 2021 with interactive charts article which can be found here

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21.  WBA - Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens seems to be selling a lot of whatever that stuff is MRNA is making because WBA is currently the 5th largest retailer in the U.S. Although it is a close battle with another stock on this list (HD) which is currently in the #6 spot. 

One thing we know for certain about Americans is they like their comfort, and that includes their medical comfort. WBA makes sure to fit that need.

Legal drug pushing aside, WBA also offers incredible trading opportunities. 2020 alone saw a 50% drop in WBA's price followed by a bullish trend which is currently back up 40% and gaining strength. This type of volatility may drive investors crazy but it's just what the doctor ordered for traders seeking the adrenalin only great volatility can provide. 

22.  WDC - Western Digital Corp.

Inside every computer is a hard drive, and behind many of those drives, is Western Digital. WDC has been a favorite of the tech traders for years and 2020 was no exception. 

Reasonably priced, compared to many tech companies, at only $62/share, WDC never ceases to create great trading excitement for all. 

2020 saw more than 50% downside moves, followed by moves of 100% to the upside. The irony is 2019 was not much different! 

For traders looking for the next big wave to ride, WDC offers many. Both long stock traders and options traders will find WDC to be a favorite year after year. 

23.  WYNN - Wynn Resorts

We love WYNN. We love the hotels. We love the shows. We love the shops. We just love WYNN. 

As is the case with many stocks and most hospitality brands, WYNN took a beating in 2020. But after stabilizing and subsequently channeling for most of the summer, WYNN is back on the rise. 

This brand is a star in Las Vegas and it's a star to trade as well. 2021 promises some excellent moves both up and down. Be sure to keep this one on the list. 

24.  XOM - Exxon Mobile

XOM once held the title of largest market cap, ahead of even Apple. But today that headline has fallen a bit to the wayside. Despite it's fall from market cap glory, XOM continues to turn that black gold stuff into share holder's gold!

Currently trading around $50/share, XOM could easily see share prices up in the $80/share range by the end of the year. Or, perhaps this trade decides to cycle back down to 2020 lows and put in another sub $35 stamp on the ticker tape. 

Either way XOM has great trading potential for 2021. That's why it's on the list. 

25.  ZM - Zoom

Perhaps the biggest winner of 2020 was ZM. This stock was relatively unknown to most households before the corona pandemic, but now every house and school in America seems to call zoom home. 

This stock's IPO in 2019 was nothing special to write home about. It went into 2020 hopeful, but what resulted was nothing short of spectacular and ZM zoomed its way up to more than $570/share! That's about 10x growth in just over 1 year. 

While we don't think ZM will be heading up another 10x over the next year, we do expect it to continue being an excellent stock to trade with incredible potential either direction. 

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