This is the May 2024 Update for our ETF portfolio that we have been tracking this year at Trade Maestro. 

Several months ago we taught a 3-day challenge called Raging Profits with ETFs. In that challenge we shared two separate portfolio management models that a person can use to manage their investments. Naturally, some people said "hey can you demonstrate", and so we did. 

On Jan 21, 2024 we launched the official ETF Portfolio to be tracked in our Sunday Night Profit Picks (included with every Trade Maestro membership). Every week we analyze and look at the ETFs, make any adjustments needed, and move on until the next week. 

The system is simple. It's quick. And best of all, as the results show, it's incredibly profitable. No options, no shorts, nothing fancy. Just straight forward stock trades using ETFs to manage a portfolio. 

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In this video we will discuss the following:

• 5 Months results of the portfolio

• Briefly touch on the two models

• Account allocations

• Winning vs losing trades

Resources Mentioned In This Video:


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