How Should I Best Allocate My Trading Account?

This is a frequent and incredibly valuable question asked by many. In the video below we will discuss the Maestro's philosophy on account allocation and how you can best allocate your own trading account. 

Most likely you are aware that everyone (practically) says an individual should diversify. That is not a new concept. In fact it's such an obvious concept you do not need a financial degree to figure it out!

Even many of our cultural quips and colloquialisms, such as "don't put all your eggs in one basket", reflect the wisdom of diversification.

The question is how to best do that allocation.

I expect you may be surprised to find our philosophy and how it is a bit different than your typical "financial planner's" idea of allocation. 

Three Levels of Account Allocation

Before we begin you should know there are three levels of account allocation we will discuss here:

1) The BIG "40,000 ft overview" level. 

2) The "10,000 ft overview" level. 

3) The individual trading account level. 

Each of these play a role in overall diversity and allow an individual to lower their risk across various investments. 

This video training is a little bit longer (around 30 min) but it will go through each of these levels and give you a very strong reference point of how to do an account allocation. 

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