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If that's you... over the next 12 months I want to work with you to help improve your trading, uproot and re-code limiting beliefs and design trading strategies that support your desired lifestyle.

Get In The Inner Circle

  • Exclusive community of like minded traders to support and encourage your dreams
  • Break your old self-sabotaging habits: exclusive RE-CODING sessions designed specifically for traders.
  • Unlimited Access to the Complete Maestro Library Update (including recent updates)!
  • Only for the Most Committed Traders!
  • Plus other benefits...

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"Your life will be a direct reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. Look around... Are your five closest people playing life at the level you want to play? Are they helping you to raise your standards and get closer to your goals? If not it might be time to upgrade your peer group."

Jeremy Whaley // Trading Coach

Why you should join the Inner Circle...

INNER CIRCLE puts you in the middle of the action. Connect with fellow traders, experienced coaches, and access the most recent trading education available from Trade Maestro. It's only for those who are most committed to success. When you are ready to raise the standard,

INNER CIRCLE is the next level.

Level - Up Your Peer Group

Connect with a group of like minded peers who are on a similar journey. With this exclusive community you never have to be alone on your journey.

Live Training Sessions

From Live Sunday Night Analysis to Live group coaching sessions and sometimes unannounced bonus live teachings, inner circle is your connection to top-tier training.

Next Level Breakthroughs

Inner circle members get exclusive access to new breakthroughs in trading mindset and psychology. You are among the first in the world to experience these techniques applied to individual traders, and the results will stun you! 

One-on-One Coaching

Every Inner Circle member gets a Private one-on-one strategy coaching session. Additional coaching sessions are included for Platinum members (see pricing chart)

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Here's What You Get in the INNER CIRCLE

Every INNER CIRCLE Member gets all of the following benefits. 

1-Year Full Maestro Membership ($1,200 Value!)

A Full Maestro Membership?  YES!  As part of the INNER CIRCLE you will get a FULL YEAR'S Maestro Trading Academy Membership included! That means you can participate in our weekly PROFIT PICKS sessions, 2x/month GROUP COACHING sessions as well as have unlimited access to the Maestro Trading Library recordings to review and watch as frequently as you like. This membership is easily worth $300/month (we usually only charge $100/month) but you get an entire year's worth INCLUDED!

Complete Market Maestro Accelerator Course ($2,997 Value!)

Everyone who comes through Trade Maestro's system needs to take the Market Maestro Accelerator course. Perhaps you have already taken it! But if not we are including it as part of the INNER CIRCLE so that you can be guaranteed access to all of the training and information you need to position yourself for success in the market. This is a nearly $3,000 course we are including as part of the INNER CIRCLE. 

EXCLUSIVE - Trading Mindset Re-Coding Sessions ($1,497 Value)

Perhaps you have struggled with self-sabotage in your trading, but you do not know how to stop it. You're not alone. What if you could simply RE-CODE your trading psychology? Over the past year we have discovered radical new techniques to help an individual overcome self-sabotage and literally "re-code" their mind.  As part of the INNER CIRCLE you will get to experiment with these previously un-taught techniques as we literally break ground in the world of trading with this new area of research. 


As a member of the Inner Circle you will also get the following bonuses included...


One (1) 30 Minute Private Coaching/Strategy Session ($500 Value)

As part of the INNER CIRCLE we want you to be setup for success!  That's why we're including a 30 minute one-on-one private coaching/strategy session!  This session is literally what it sounds like: a private coaching session intended to answer questions and help you feel confident in the direction of your trades. As a reference, we normally charge $500/session for this coaching, but as part of the INNER CIRCLE you will get this session included!  When you're ready simply use our calendly link to schedule an available time that works for you. 


Exclusive Inner Circle Community (Priceless!)

Nothing has a bigger impact on your life than the people you engage with on a daily basis. They say your life will be a reflection of the 5 people you spend the most time with. That's why we're building a community of traders like you, who are focused on understanding and trading the financial markets, while also doing the work required to level up the game of life.  As an INNER CIRCLE member you will get access to the EXCLUSIVE Trade Maestro Facebook group where you can engage with others just like you.  

Who is the INNER CIRCLE for?

The INNER CIRCLE is not for everyone. In fact it's only for a very specific person. The average trader is committed to average results, dabbling in the market, constantly changing focus, and only looking for the quick buck.  INNER CIRCLE is for people who want to MASTER the market and do so with a community. 

Inner Circle IS FOR YOU if...
  • You are COMMITTED to playing life at a higher level
  • You want to engage with a LIKE-MINDED COMMUNITY to support your growth
  • Failure is not an option, success is the only result you will settle for
  • You are willing to leave your pride aside and learn from your mentors
Inner Circle is NOT for you if...
  • You are not committed to success regardless the effort
  • You are only looking for a handout and not willing to do the work
  • You care more about proving how much you know than learning how you can improve
  • You are hasty to chase techniques, strategies, and opportunities so you can get rich quick

If you are a high-reaching individual who is committed to success in every area of life and you are ready to break-through your barriers to success once and for all while embarking on a journey to be a better, more profitable trader, and if you like the idea of joining a community that supports you, gaining access to training courses, getting personal mentorship, participating in live group coaching sessions, and having access to everything you need to learn to not just beat the market but leave a few bruises along the way... then regardless of the price, the Trade Maestro INNER CIRCLE is perfect for you!

Which INNER CIRCLE Level is Best for You?



Get in the INNER CIRCLE and enjoy all of the benefits with easy weekly payments




(12-month commitment) 

What's included

  • Complete Market Maestro Accelerator Course ($2,997 value)
  • 1-Year Full Maestro Membership ($1,200 value)
  • Exclusive Mindset Re-coding sessions ($997 Value)
  • Maestro Trading Library (over 20 courses)
  • BONUS 1: 
    One (1) private 30-minute coaching session ($500 Value!)
  • BONUS 2:
    Exclusive INNER CIRCLE Community (Priceless!)


What is the difference between inner circle standard and platinum?

INNER CIRCLE - STANDARD includes everything you have read about on this page. INNER CIRCLE - PLATINUM also includes everything on this page plus adds additional private one-on-one coaching sessions 2x per month.

Can I cancel the INNER CIRCLE?

INNER CIRCLE is for 12 months. Since commitment is a major trait of successful Inner Circle members there are no cancellations or refunds. If you are not ready to commit then Inner Circle is not the right step for you at this time.  Consider a basic Maestro Membership which gives you access to the full library of training as well as our Sunday Night Profit Picks, but you can cancel the monthly membership at any time. Click here to learn more about membership.

What happens after 1 year?

After your 1-year commitment to Inner Circle you may continue a basic membership at our regular $97/month or $970/year. If you would like to renew your position in the Inner Circle we can discuss it at that time to determine if an additional year is in your best interest! 

Why would I choose Inner Circle over a basic membership?

Great question! INNER CIRCLE members are those who are absolutely MOST committed to their success. Inner Circle includes a complete 1-year basic Maestro Membership ($1200 value) as well as the entire Market Maestro Accelerator course ($2,997 value), plus it includes exclusive access to the community, live recording sessions, additional group coaching via live Q&A sessions, a private one-on-one coaching session (individually $500/each), as well as brand new exclusive mindset re-coding tools which we are using on traders for the first time in history. If purchased individually the features and benefits of INNER CIRCLE would easily cost over $10,000 but you are getting access to all of that for a fraction of the cost.  

When are the live recording sessions?

The majority of our live sessions are scheduled for 8:00 ET. They are taught via zoom. However, from time to time we offer live classes at different times and those sessions will be announced ahead of time and links distributed for live attendance. As Trade Maestro continues to grow we anticipate adding additional group coaching sessions but timing and availability is yet to be determined. 

What if I can not make one of the live sessions?

If you can not make the live sessions you will still have access to the recordings which you can watch and catch up. Obviously a major feature/perk of being an INNER CIRCLE member is the opportunity to participate live, so once the schedules are published we encourage you to do your best to make the live sessions. 

WAIT - Still Need More Details?

Learn More About What's Included...

More than 20 courses are being recorded as part of the overhaul to the Trade Maestro Library.  As part of the INNER CIRCLE you have access to all of these courses (as they are released).

Upcoming Courses (no specific order)

Pick Winning Stocks - Challenge

A simple 21-day challenge designed to help you answer that nagging question: "which stock should I trade?". Learn more.

Understanding Support & Resistance

The foundation of all technical analysis, this is the only course you will ever need if you want to understand support & resistance. 

Mastering Moving Averages

The simplest and most effective way to identify trends and trade with momentum. Everything you need to master averages.

Understanding Chart Patterns

The only course you will ever need on chart patterns. Learn to identify and how to trade with these powerful tools of analysis. 

The Candlestick Course

Learn to trade the right way with candles. Identify patterns and understand the context when candles mean the most. 

Market Maestro Accelerator

The course to end all courses - this is the one stop to learn everything you need to trade and manage your money on your own. Learn more.

Mastering Indicators

Learn the correct way to setup and apply technical indicators. Know the difference in various tools and create your ideal set. 

Using the Maestro Indicators

An exclusive set of indicators developed for Tradingview, this course will teach you the trading system for using these tools.

Mastering Trading View

The #1 charting software on the planet. This course will walk you through the setup and how to use Tradingview. 

Risk Management

Risk management is the key to surviving in the market. This course will teach the 3 critical factors of risk and how to manage it.

Credit Spreads - Accelerator

The complete course on mastering the Credit Spreads strategy. Learn to trade it as well as how to pick good spread candidates Learn more

Options 101

Designed for traders of all levels this exhaustive course covers the basics of options trading and prepares you for advanced strategies

Option Selling (options 202)

Step 2 in the journey to master options - learn the ins and outs of selling options for time decay. 

Designing Your Financial Fortress

Previously unavailable at Trade Maestro this is the course that sets the financial prisoners free. Learn to build your Financial Fortress.

ETFs Masterclass

The course that could kill the financial planning industry. You will learn how to use ETFs to out perform 95% of fund managers.

Raging Profits w/ ETFs

This 3-day challenge shows you how easy it can be to outperform the pros and manage your own trading account. 

Bear Market Survivor

Not all markets trend up. This 3-day challenge addresses how to profit in a bear market so you can win no matter what

Trade For a Living

This 3-day challenge will show you how easy it really can be to trade for income. Learn the techniques and secrets here. 

Covered Calls - ACCELERATOR

The complete Accelerator course for Covered calls. Learn everything you need to implement this strategy with ease

Financial Transformation - CHALLENGE

Say no to financial destruction and yes to transforming your finances for the better - voted best challenge ever! 

Trading with Bollinger Bands

The only course you will need for trading with and implementing Bollinger bands in your trades. 

NOPE, Still Not Done...

After the 20+ courses above are recorded we will begin recording the next phase of our library production which is slated to include the following courses...

  • Trading with Elliott Waves
  • Trading Psychology Masterclass
  • Calendar Spreads Accelerator
  • Straddles & Strangles Masterclass
  • Crypto Maestro Accelerator
  • Day Trading 101
  • Day Trading Options
  • And more to come...

Still Deciding?

At this point if you're still trying to decide if INNER CIRCLE is right for you, it's clear you're committed (or you wouldn't have read this much) and it's clear you want to trade better (or you wouldn't have read this much) so by sheer default of time invested, the answer is YES! You definitely want to be part of the INNER CIRCLE.  Click on "ENROLL NOW"  at this very moment and decide which level of Inner Circle you want to join.  Then reach out to tell us you joined so we can give you priority processing, get you added to the community and start seeing you level up your results in every area!