February 26, 2021
Category:  General Trading

So You Need to Choose a Broker...

How do you know which stock broker to choose? Which one is the best?  Are they all created equal?

Of course the answer is no, and it's never more relevant than right now. With the recent game stop (GME) chaos and revelations made about brokers like Robinhood, a discussion on choosing the right stock broker is more relevant than ever. 

The answer to these questions and more is included in this video. 

In this video we will discuss the following:

• The role of the stock broker

• What makes a BAD broker

• What makes a GOOD broker

• Our suggestions for brokers to consider using

The brokers and resources mentioned in this video reflect our opinions and are not intended as a complete comparison. However, it is worth noting some major broker names not included on the suggested brokers list. 

When it comes to answering "which stock broker to choose", it is both a personal decision and a question of which broker will actually be able to meet your needs. Many of the well known large brokerage houses are not actually the best fit for most traders. 

Resources Mentioned In This Video:


Think or Swim


Interactive Brokers


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