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"The fastest way to accelerate your success is to find someone who has already mastered the art and learn from their experience..."

- Tony Robbins

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Hi! My name is Jeremy and I want to welcome you to Trade Maestro. After working as a professional musician for almost a decade, I decided to walk away from the music industry and become a full time trader and entrepreneur. 

Soon other people started noticing my success and asked me to teach them. So I did and very quickly I discovered my real calling in life was (and is) to share what I've learned and mentor others to help achieve their own dreams. 

That was in 2009 and now I've mentored more than 100,000 traders from over 80 countries. Still, there is nothing that brings me more joy and fulfillment than opening my email and finding another success story from one of my students. 

Why do I do it? I do it because I LOVE IT!  I'm great at it. And I love helping people achieve dreams they never thought possible. 

If you are ready for a change, want to learn about the stock market, you're coachable, and you're willing to work hard to win, I would love the chance to work with you as well.


Jeremy Whaley  

(AKA: The Chief Maestro!)

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Take a look at what some clients have to say

Len Barnes

Former Student

Jeremy has a real knack for making complex issues seem easy. His clarity of thought is inspiring and his enthusiasm is contagious. Jeremy is the greatest naturally gifted teacher I've ever encountered and I strongly recommend that anyone who wants to improve themself should follow his teachings religiously."

Dr. Ken Maynard

Coaching Client

Jeremy is a deeply committed, compassionate and comprehensive teacher, mentor and coach. Simply stated: over the past 8 years he has had a major and positively significant impact on my life." 

Here's how you


Pick Winning Stocks

Every great trade starts with a great stock. Learn to trade stocks that are actually primed to win and win big.

Analyze Direction

All stocks go up and down, which is why you must learn to identify the next natural trade direction. After you get this step, everything is easy!

World-Class Strategy

There are endless strategies to play the market. The good news is you only need 1 or 2 and you can make all the winning trades you want!

Limit Your Risk

Know your risk before you even place your trade. With good risk management you can keep your capital while you grow your wins. 


The Trader Within!

They Say

Stephen McManus

Retired CPA

"I enjoy Jeremy's open and welcoming personality. He treats every question from students as important and urgent. If he cannot answer a question immediately he will give you the answer within a day."

Marlene Noll

Interior Plant Designer

"Jeremy you are such a wonderful teacher! I have learned a lot throughout the years and yet, a lot more to learn. Keep up with the great attitude and energy that you transmit to your students.

Thank you!"

Free Access to The 7 Secrets:

Join the Tribe!  Get the 7 Trading Secrets: Underground Wisdom They Hope You Never Know...