February 11, 2021
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What is the Maestro Manifesto?

It is easy to become distracted by things that do not really reflect the true nature of who we are as traders. The Maestro Manifesto helps to keep us focused on the things that matter. 

If we are honest, we tend to become distracted by things like:

  • Percentage of winning vs losing trades
  • Amount of money we are making
  • Amount of money we are losing
  • The next hot strategy
  • Personal self esteem issues related to trading
  • Can I afford to lose on this trade?

We could go on and on but these are some examples of the kind of things people tend to focus on. 

While none of these items individually are "right" or "wrong" in and of themselves, what they do is distract our attention. These distractions focus our attention on a result, rather than keeping our focus on why we become traders in the first place

I have often said I find it ironic that "people come to one of the most uncertain places in the world (the stock market) looking to find financial certainty".  And to a man (or woman) they seem shocked when they discover the stock market is in fact... uncertain! 

Yet, everyone knows this when they start trading. So why do people really trade?

After more than 10 years working with private clients and teaching groups how to trade, what I have discovered is most people do not simply come to the market because of the money they can make. Sure it's nice. Sure it's a huge prize worthy of achievement. Yet, most people come to the market because of the person it will help them become.

I also think this is why people get so emotional about their trades. Because at the end of the day a failed trade, to most people, represents more than just financial loss, but rather it also represents some type of personal failure. 

Why The Name Trade Maestro?

The name Trade Maestro has a very specific meaning.

A Maestro is an artistic master: someone who is skilled enough to be considered an artistic genius. In Italian the word maestro means master. This is the best representation of what we believe a great trader should be - a master in the art of trading.  

Maestro is also a fun harkening back to the first career of our founder Jeremy Whaley who worked as a professional musician and composer for many years before he transitioned to the world of trading and ultimately business and entrepreneurship. (read more about Jeremy here). 

So What About The Maestro Manifesto?

As we were organizing what has become known as Trade Maestro, a group of us were discussing the core values of a trader.

Yes, some people are in it for the money. But as already mentioned, most people are not in it solely for the money. Rather, most people wish to trade the market for the lifestyle benefits it will provide. 

After some discussion we discovered there are several desires that we could all get behind. We then put together what we now call the Maestro Manifesto

Watch the video below, read the manifesto, you can even download your own PDF of the maestro manifesto to print. If you can align with the values it upholds we encourage you to take the challenge to record a video of yourself reading the Maestro Manifesto and send it to us at help@trademaestro.com.

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