Struggling to Know What are the Best Stocks To Trade?

Sometimes it's hard to know where to look in the ocean of 3500+ stocks and ETFs available for trading. So where do you begin?

That's why we've put together this list of Top Stocks for 2021.

Many years ago I had a floor trader explain to me how they work on the floor. He explained that unlike retail traders, floor traders do not jump from stock to stock. Rather they trade 1-2 stocks at a time, and that's all. 

He told me a story of a trader who was reassigned from MSFT to AAPL and how he took the first 30 days of his assignment to simply watch the stock. After he spent the time watching and observing he began to get a pacing and rhythm of how the stock moved, the ebb and flow of the traders who were trading the stock. Only then did he start actually trading. 

This is a priceless lesson in the value of watching a set number of trades rather than jumping around from trade to trade. 

Below is a list of 25 stocks I refer to as the "Trade Maestro Top 25 Stocks for 2021". It's nothing more than a watchlist of excellent stocks to trade. 

Let me be clear: by saying they are "excellent stocks to trade" does not mean they are all going to be bullish

What it means is they fit a certain criteria and they present good trading opportunities (both bullish and bearish). 

The Top Stocks Criteria is as follows:

  • Average daily volume tends to stay well over 1M shares/day
  • The stocks are optionable
  • The at the money options consistently offer good Open Interest/liquidity
  • These stocks do not tend to stagnate too much (they offer good volatility up and/or down)

You may find some of these stocks appear a little pricy at first. That's okay. Many fortunes have been lost trying to find the next penny stock or small micro cap stock that is about to move from $2 to $20. While those trades are great, they are not very predictable. 

A stock like AMZN (presently over $3300/share) may offer the same $18/share move on a daily basis. While that may seem like it is unapproachable the truth is with options and various trading techniques, today even the so called "little guy" can get control of and profit from these moves. 

So without further adieu I present to you the 

Trade Maestro TOP 25 STOCKS FOR 2021

(The following are presented in alphabetical order and do not represent any particular ranking)


1.    AAPL - Apple Computer

2.    AXP - American Express

3.    CAT - Caterpiller

4.    DIS - Disney

5.    EXC - Exelon

6.    FDX - Federal Express

7.    HD - Home Depot

8.    INTC - Intel

9.    LUV - Southwest Airlines

10.  MMM - 3M

11.  MOS - Mosaic

12.  MRNA - Moderna

13.  MU - Micron

14.  NFLX - Netflix


16.  PTON - Pelotron

17.  PYPL - Paypal

18.  QCOM - Qualcomm

19.  T - AT&T

20.  TSLA - Tesla

21.  WBA - Walgreens Boots Alliance

22.  WDC - Western Digital Corp.

23.  WYNN - Wynn Resorts

24.  XOM - Exxon Mobile

25.  ZM - Zoom

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