Top Stocks for 2021 - Part 2

This is part 2 of the 25 Top Stocks for 2021 with interactive charts article which can be found here

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6.    FDX - Federal Express

As if the rise of Amazon and online retail delivery was not enough of a boom to the package delivery industry, the chaos of 2020's corona virus gave FDX a shot of pure fuel!  

After a progressive decline of more than 50% of its value between 2018-2020, since it reached the bottom in March of 2020 FDX has increased over 200% and continues to show excellent trading and profit opportunities. 

7.    HD - Home Depot

When we talk about the largest retailers in America most people do not immediately think of a home improvement store. Yet HD fits the bill as the 6th largest retailer in the country! 

And 2020 was nothing but growth as people stuck at home from corona quarantine finally got around to doing many of those "honey do" home projects they had been putting off for years. 

HD has been a fantastic performer with great trading volatility for many years. Despite the recent sideways channel, big moves in HD abound and this stock is a great addition to any watchlist. 

8.    INTC - Intel

INTC has been a staple in the computer industry for decades. As the primary processor for practically all commercially produced personal computers, INTC has not had any serious competition since AAPL dropped Motorola as their primary provider and adopted the Intel chips. 

Despite some new competition from Apple with their new M2 chip, and AMD, who continues to have a loyal following, INTC is still an excellent stock to trade. 

For the past 2 years INTC has traded between support around $45 and a solid resistance around $58, with a couple extended moves beyond that range. This represents an easy 30% volatility range making this an excellent stock when the trade presents itself. 

9.    LUV - Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines made it's name as a discount carry where flying is fun and passengers can choose their own seat. While some may argue if they should still be considered "discount" few would disagree that most Americans find LUV to be a more enjoyable flying experience than most of their competition. 

"Bags fly free" is certainly a great selling point. But not enough to rescue LUV from the horrible flying demand presented in 2020. The stock lost more than half it's value, yet as of this posting it has more than doubled since the lows it found in May of 2020. 

This company provides plenty of volatility, is relatively affordable, and provides good trading opportunities for both stock traders and options traders alike. 

10.  MMM - 3M

What child doesn't love playing with sticky notes? Those wonderful yellow (and now multi-colored) pieces of paper that stick to anything but leave no residue. 

Who would have thought a failed invention (it was supposed to be a permanent stick) would be such an incredible patent for MMM? From sticky notes to sand paper to facemasks, MMM's product line is a staple in homes and businesses across the globe. And their stock is pretty great too. 

Offering as much as a 50% volatility range MMM continues to offer excellent trading opportunities for traders of all styles. This is a great addition to any list. 

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