October 1, 2021
Category:  Analysis

Could 96% of traders really miss something so obvious...?

Perhaps you remember a time when you really thought everything was under control, only to be blindsided by the unexpected.  That's why they say hindsight is 20/20 - sometimes in the moment things are a blur but when we look back we ask "how could I have missed that"?

In the video below I discuss some of these "obvious" signals that things may not be exactly as expected in the market. 

(Note: since recording this video the market has rebounded a little more than 400 points today, however at this point the forecast discussed has not changed)

In this video we will discuss the following:

• Seasonality of market moves

• 3-point trend reversals

• Obvious signals the market may be reversing

• Future price objectives

• Why many people get caught buying while the market is crashing

Resources Mentioned In This Video:

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Right now the market is in a precarious situation. At the time of this post, in the past week the DJIA has had over 1300 points of volatility, with two of the last 4 sessions representing 500 point sell offs only to be followed by similar buying pressure. 

So what's going on? 

The current market behavior is typical of major trend reversals. While there is nothing "guaranteed" in terms of anticipating market direction, as traders and analysts we work to gather a "weight of the evidence" approach to the most likely market moves.  

Currently we have some pretty big signals that something big is about to happen... 

Resources Mentioned In This Video:

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